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The Vile Protestations of Innocence From an Entitled Black Actor

noel clarke abuservideo
LONDON - England - Celebrated by the champagne socialist luvvies, Noel Clarke, has over 20 women claiming he allegedly sexually abused them, but he is now bringing out the race card in protest.

African Americans in Their Woke Ascendency Inherit a Nation On the Cusp of Death

African Americansvideo
BALTIMORE - USA - African Americans are now given prominence over any other race in America, however their pyrrhic Woke victory is a curse in itself.

Is Ronaldo On Way Out of Juventus Looking For PSG or Manchester United Move?

cristiano ronaldo juventus
TURIN - Italy - Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese fiery football superstar could very well be thinking of transferring from Juventus to PSG or Manchester United next season.