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When the Religious Nutters Get Hold of the Asylum

Religious nuttersvideo
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - When the extremist religious nutters take hold of things, there will be hell to pay.

American Supreme Court to Ban Sodomy and Buggery Next

gay marriage sodomy
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Next on the Supreme Court agenda is to ban sodomy and gay marriage, after banning abortion.

American Womb-Carriers Upset Over Roe v Wade Abortion Ruling

roe v wade
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The ban on abortion ruling by the Supreme Court has many womb-carriers jumping around in protest across America.

Remoaner SNP Lib Dem and Labour Band Together to Win By-elections

boris down for the count
LONDON - England - Another massive smackdown for the Tories and Boris Johnson with by-election losses.