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BREAKING: Guyanese Meddler Gina Miller Loses Court Action to Stop Parliament Prorogue

gina-miller-treachery-treason big
LONDON - England - Gina Miller, the Guyanese woman who is trying to stop Brexit and the parliamentary prorogue has lost her case at the High Court.

Does it Matter Who Wins a General Election When a Corrupt Parliament Can Do Whatever It Wants?

corrupt uk parliament anti-democratic
LONDON - England - What's the point in voting in a general election when a corrupt anti-democratic parliament can do what they want and dictate what they want irrespective of the people's vote?

Robert Mugabe Praised Britain’s Corrupt Parliament For Stopping Brexit Before He Died

Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe.
LONDON - England - Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe who died today, will be praised in Britain's corrupt parliament today, after Brexit was stopped by anti-democratic means.