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Globalized Supply Chain Complexity and Other Variables

empty shelves supermarket supply chain
LONDON - England - Due to globalization, any single disruption in the supply chain can cause major problems for distribution.

Poor Boris! He’s Down For the Count

boris down for the count
LONDON - England - It's one thing after another with poor old Boris. Feel sorry for him or hate him, he's got his work cut out.

How Did the Omicron Virus Appear Out of Nowhere?

china virus - go forth and multiply
BEIJING - China - Some scientists analysing the new Omicron virus have come to the conclusion that it is engineered.

Jill Biden Reveals Why Joe Biden Wears Sunglasses at All Times

joe biden sunglasses jill biden
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Dr Jill Biden reveals to reporters why her husband Joe Biden wears sunglasses all the time.