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Brexit Direct Action – Trucks to Blockade All Major UK Motorways

UK - Brexit Direct Action is a group that plans to blockade all major motorway routes across the country if Article 50 exit on March 29 is delayed and Brexit effectively cancelled.

High Treason: Queen Steps in to Solve Brexit Betrayal

High Treason Tower of London
LONDON - England - Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II has stepped in to stop a planned treasonous Brexit betrayal by former PM, Theresa May.

How to Find a Trustworthy Online Casino

LONDON - England - Finding the right online casino has many variables but trust and regulation should be one of them. Here are some tips on staying safe when it comes to safe gambling.

Brexit Means Brexit

theresa may head brexit
LONDON - England - Theresa May is now effectively betraying the majority of her own cabinet and the Conservative party and voters in the Brexit EU Referendum by working with the Labour party to accept their Remain policies.