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guinness world records

10 of the Most Bizarre World Records Guaranteed to Turn your Head

LONDON - England - For more than six decades, Guinness World Records has been acknowledging some of the most outlandish achievements and records by individuals and groups of people all around the world. the most outlandish achievements and records by individuals and groups of people all around the world.
Piccadilly Circus london mayor

T-TAX : London Mayor Punishing the Poor and Elderly

LONDON - England - The new directive from Labour's London Mayor is yet another attack on the poor and elderly.
mr trump goes to washington

Book Review: Mr Trump Goes to Washington

LONDON - England - Mr Trump Goes to Washington is a satirical graphic novel authored by Michael Mayor
iphone x

Is the iPhone X Worth the Money?

CUPERTINO - USA - Expected to retail at a pound short of £1,000, is the rather hefty price tag for the iPhone X – pronounced iPhone 10 – worth it?
binary options

Tricks of Wise Binary Options Trading

NEW YORK - USA - Wise traders are a breed apart, and when it comes to binary options trading they need to be.

Lilium Air Taxis – The Future of Travel

MUNICH - Germany - Lilium, the world’s first electric vertical take-⁠off and landing jet is now a reality.
islandofparadise beach

The Best Beaches Europe Has to Offer

MONTEROSSO - Italy - Just because we're leaving the EU, does not mean we are leaving Europe, especially the beaches. Here's a guide to some of the best ones.
portman migration

Celebration of Migration: World’s 25 Most Successful 1st and 2nd Generation Migrants Revealed

NEW YORK - USA - Without some form of controlled migration, many countries in the West would miss out.
single alone in london

Living Your Single Life to the Full – Londoners Prefer to be Alone

LONDON - England - Living in the capital can be quite alienating and lonely for single people, but it does not have to be like that.

Like Playing Games on Your Computer? Here are Your Best Free Options

LONDON - England - If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t have a lot of time to play games and thus justify buying them, or if you simply don’t want to invest in video games at the moment but would still like to play them, we have a treat for you.