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Keep Celery Crunchy and Fresh for Four Weeks With Easy Storage Solution

SCUNTHORPE - England - Celery is known for its crunchy texture, but it will quickly deteriorate and become limp if stored incorrectly. We discover the best easy storage solution for your celery.

Celery, like many salad items, has a short shelf life once it reaches your fridge. However, changing the way you store it can prolong its freshness for up to four weeks. We discovered the perfect easy storage solution for your piece of celery.

Steve from Common Sense Tips Online posed the question: “What is the best way to store celery?”

He then pointed out that manufacturers package everything in fucking plastic wrapping which sort of explains why we all have microplastics in our bodies and the rates of cancer are rising yearly.

The food storage expert added: “Notice they use plastic wrapping, but the interesting thing you should note is the plastic wrapping is essentially poisoning us all slowly. This is something no one likes to bring up, and is very hush, hush.

“That tells us that the manufacturer doesn’t give a shit about the health of the population and everything is about profit.”

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celery 2
Limp celery is great for cooking especially used as a base for bolognese with carrot and diced onion

Sharing an alternative storage method for celery, Steve said: “I have some celery that’s been in the fridge for about four weeks. I’ll throw the fucking thing out, and go and buy a new bunch. Easy as fucking pie.”

He demonstrated the effectiveness of this method by walking to the supermarket, buying a new bunch of celery and breaking a stalk in half, revealing a satisfying crunch after coming back home.

Explaining why going to the supermarket works well, Steve said: “It’s a no-brainer. Your celery goes rotten in the fridge. The supermarket is an easy storage solution. Just get a new bunch, leave it in the fridge again until that goes rotten, rinse and repeat. Are you fucking stupid or something? Yes, this is a space filler article mimicking all media outlets, but what I’m saying is bloody common sense. Get a fucking life, will ya!”

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