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10 March 2013

Satire is the last bastion of free speech, and when that is diminished, we will know that Western society as a whole has taken a turn for the worse.

How the Daily Squib Was Cut Down in 2013

Here at the Daily Squib we are staunch guardians of free speech whether it be satirical or any other form of literature.

Our brand of satirical writing is rooted in the school of Juvenal, and our dedication to this form of written work is absolute.

Satire is not fake but based on a level of truth

2016 – Since writing our initial piece on the importance of free speech in 2013, we have seen a noticeable downturn in freedom on the internet. Sadly, things are definitely taking a turn for the worst, especially under the regime of Barack Obama who has effectively killed off much of comedy and satire with a massive politically correct anti-free speech push utilising the web’s monopoly controllers.

2017 – In response to the deluge of so-called ‘authority’ sites on some Mccarthyite witch hunt labelling satirical websites as ‘fake news‘, and using that moniker to denigrate and censor, we would like to respond by saying it is NOT fake, the purpose of satire is to critique a topic based on a level of truth. Satire is thus the ultimate truth and has been for thousands of years.

Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

google vs daily squib satire cartoon
cartoon: Damien Glez

UPDATE On the 11th July 2017, the Daily Squib was threatened by Google and ordered to take down its most famous article ‘The Ku Klux Klan Endorses Obama‘ despite the article being on the internet for almost ten years. This action by Google is a violation of free speech and satire and is a comment on the sad Orwellian censorious state of the monopolistic Big Tech totalitarian controlled tyrannical internet today.

Satire still under attack

2018 – Another heavy year of massive censorship and de-platforming on the internet by biased politically motivated monopolies. The monopoly controllers utilised heavy political bias to completely purge their platforms of anyone who was not of their political persuasion. These actions helped one party win many seats in the U.S. congress and effectively take control over it. These acts alone are a sign that Western Democratic values and freedoms have now been superseded by an authoritarian puritanical pseudo-communist tyrannical ideology.

2019 – Started off great for the Squib with the major controlling monopoly on the internet censoring a famous nude picture by artist Modigliani. The celebrated painting was deemed as “sexually offensive” and we were ordered to remove it or lose our advertising again.

2020 – May – We have noticed an uptick in levels of Big Tech censorship, especially Facebook. Naturally, the left-wing biased FB is eager to skew things their way before the November U.S. Election where Biden, their favourite will go up against Trump. The illiterates at FB do not seem to be able to distinguish satire, from factual journalism, and have come down hard on our site by censoring our posts, and shadow banning us. We are fearful that the West is truly moving towards a totalitarian anti-satire anti-freedom of speech era, as well as one where elections are deliberately sabotaged by biased Big Tech companies who skew their systems to favour only one political side. In the past, this used to be illegal, however things have obviously changed for the worst.

Recently, we have been writing a lot of anti-China communist totalitarian brutalist party articles, and this has probably rubbed the FB censors up the wrong way, seeing as the ties with the CCP and FB are so deep.

UPDATE 1/6/2020 – We no longer have access to our FB business page, which is now locked, and we do not have access to any FB help pages, therefore with no means of communication, the DS has effectively been locked out of its page for no reason apart from possible bias towards satirical free political discourse. We cannot even access our page to delete our account which we now want to do. It seems our material has been hijacked by FB. We no longer want to be included on a platform that is ignorant of what satire is; does not have one ounce of humour, treats publishers like shit, is a Stasi Chinese Communist controlled censorship medium that collects private data from people then sells their info to advertisers and companies for huge profit.

The Death of Comedy – June 10, 2020

Western democratic rights to freedom of expression and liberty have taken another turn for the worst with the deletion of some Great British comedic pieces of art in our humble opinion. First of all, the genius of The League of Gentlemen, an iconic series which is much loved in Britain has been erased from all streaming services and the BBC, who commissioned it in the first place. Little Britain, Bo Selecta, Ali G , The Inbetweeners and Harry Enfield have also been pulled, as well as numerous other British classic comedy shows, on the orders of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Marxist group who are in line with the Chinese Communist Party. This puritanical, humourless action is what the Marxist revolutionaries do, they eat each other up from the inside, the communist BLM cunts in America who do not have an ounce of humour in them, and do not understand British humour are an evil that has descended over the comedic world like an unwanted case of the clap. The ironic part of this episode is, however, that the comedians they are hurting the most are actually socialist comedians, and they will see their revenue cheques flatline after their greatest works have been effectively criminalised by the dumbfuck American communist Bolshevik scum who are going around deleting everything. If you can’t take a joke, go and watch something else. Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

October Surprise 2020

We witnessed a very strange phenomenon occur in the run up to the November election from the controllers in the media. SILENCE. Even though the New York Post, a 200-year-old established newspaper broke a story relating to mass corruption by Joe Biden and his son Hunter, there was no mention in one mainstream media source. Twitter silenced much of what was revealed, as did Facebook and all controlled mainstream newspapers. One would expect some form of impartiality from journalists but the silence is proof that political bias and protection of Joe Biden was more important than journalistic integrity. The cowardice exhibited by the mainstream media also reveals how controlled the media as a whole is and that we do not live in a democracy with free press any more. Of course, the Daily Squib had the courage to post the damning evidence of high-end corruption that involved Joe Biden getting kickbacks of millions of dollars from corrupt Ukrainian and Chinese companies linked to the CCP, and since then the damning information has been able to spread across the internet. America should not elect someone as corrupt as Joe Biden in November, and we felt a responsibility as a few other news sources to reveal the level of corruption that has now tainted the Biden family. Others, sadly do not have standards, and are willing to overlook massive amounts of corruption and fraud in their candidate, so he is shoehorned in through dishonest methods.

November – 2020 – Huge levels of censorship committed by the Big Tech monopolies. The only information that is allowed favours America’s Democrat Party for the election. Any other information, however factual, is deleted from social networks, and the people who post it are cancelled.

6 January 2021 – After some Trump supporters led by BLM activists pretending to be Trump supporters storm the Capitol building, invited in by the guards, some even taking selfies with protesters, Trump and his followers are deleted from all social networks and many other platforms. The President of the United States has little or no power to do anything about the censorship even to his own accounts. The purge continues with thousands of accounts deleted from social networks.

17 January 2021 – The Daily Squib Twitter account is suspended momentarily. According to the message, one image, which was shown as a blank was offensive in some way. We were not even afforded a chance to see what image it was. As a satire site we have been posting the same material since 2010 with no problems. We assume this was more of a warning that our irreverent attitude to internet censorship is not tolerated any more, and it is only a matter of time that our right to satirical expression will be curtailed on that platform soon. Later on we found that our profile collage picture, which we had since 2010, was missing, putting one and one together we realised that Twitter somehow deemed this collage as ‘hate imagery’ after ten years. It’s funny that Twitter allows indecent images of children yet came down on us hard about a satirical parody collage which has been on their site since 2010? There is still no answer why Twitter deleted the collage we used for our profile for over ten years with no problem. Twitter gave us only two choices; we could stay suspended and wait for an inordinate time for them to review the decision (4 months to a year) or accept the deletion and carry on with our account.

18 January 2021 – Anyone who loves comedy will know of Blackadder. Well, today the BBC deemed Blackadder as ‘offensive’ and have plastered trigger warnings all over the beloved series. It’s time the Bishop of Bath of Wells pays a visit to the Woke Marxist arses who have taken over Auntie. The Bishop will deal with them in the customary way, with a red-hot poker skewering their catflaps for once of a farthing.

10 March 2021 – Google has slapped another one of our articles with the ‘sexual content’ label thus reducing our ad revenue. The thing is, how does one in a journalistic sense report about rape or paedophilia without at any time mentioning the sexually motivated crime committed? Where the Mainstream Legacy Media have chosen to ghost this story, we had the journalistic integrity to address the subject, as it is a factual story. For our sins of sticking to our guns, we have nevertheless been punished. You can read the demonetized article here.

23 July 2021 – Many of our articles are now being flagged as containing ‘shocking content‘ by Google and demonetized. If you want to write a hard-hitting Juvenalian satirical article, one of the prerequisits is that it should be shocking. Good hard-hitting satire should shock and awaken its audience, bringing the point intended to the fore in a FUCKING SHOCKING MANNNER! Without shocking material, most of the newspaper industry and journalism would not survive, so we are not the only ones who employ the almighty shock value ticket. The label ‘shocking content’ much like ‘hate speech’ is an open ended catch-all term that can just about define anything. What shocks one person or group of people, will not shock others, especially as these days people are so apathetic and conditioned, nothing is shocking to them anymore. There is something fundamentally wrong with the ‘almighty controllers’ and their algorithms, because they simply do not understand the basic fundamentals of satire, and it seems never will understand it. Once again, we are punished simply for applying the art of satire as it was intended.

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