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How Fusion Games Change Up Classic Formulas 

LONDON - England - If you're tired of old casino games, why not try the new fusion games that are all the rage now?

You might not think it, but most of the games that casinos offer are actually pretty old. Games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette have all been around for a long time.

You get lots of variations these days, sure, but the basic mechanics and rules are the same ones that players have been using for sometimes hundreds of years. Of course, fresh themes and new graphics help to keep them from falling behind the times.

If you want something that really feels new, though, you need a bit more innovation than that. This is where fusion games come into the picture. By taking elements of different games and melding them together, developers can create gameplay experiences that are truly fresh.

Games like Slingo or Crazy Pachinko switch up the formula of the classic games that predate them to produce an experience that players can’t find anywhere else. And, if you’re curious how they achieve this, then read on.

Gaming goes digital

As much as players still enjoy old classics such as Poker and Slots, there’s only so much that these games can change their core gameplay. Every variation of them is always going to feel at least a little like the original, from their aesthetics to their game mechanics and rules.

When casino games made their move online, this opened up an opportunity for greater innovation. Without the constraints of a physical table or slot machine, developers were free to let their imaginations go wild.

This is where we began to see fusion games crop up, benefitting from the increased accessibility of online gaming. Now that players could see all of their options laid out on a single webpage, they might be more likely to give unfamiliar games a try.

The best of both worlds

The real secret to the success of fusion games is quite simple. They take gameplay mechanics or components from casino classics and bring them together into something new.

Probably the most famous fusion is Slingo, which took the basic gameplay of Bingo but added the random element of Slots reels to the mix. As numbers appear on each spin of the reels, this gives players the chance to mark them off their 5×5 Bingo-style grid.

For anyone who’s played Bingo before, it’s a pretty recognisable premise. But importantly, the game experience is fundamentally changed by the presence of the Slots reels.

Aside from just generating numbers on the reels, they can also throw up special symbols that you wouldn’t see in a normal Bingo game. Symbols like Jokers and Devils change up the gameplay by giving you the chance to mark off any number in the row or blocking a row for a spin.

That’s the core strength of a fusion game, bringing together the best elements of other classic games to create a unique experience.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different from the classic games you’re used to, it might be worth checking out a fusion game. For something that’s equal parts familiar and fresh, the unique appeal of these combination games is obvious.

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