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Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together: Main Rules for Combining and Storing Jewellery?

LONDON - England - Can you wear gold and silver together? Designer trends are constantly changing, and we can give you a definitive answer here.

Fashion trends in jewellery are constantly evolving, and designers now confidently assert — you can wear gold with silver together!

Gold and silver are completely opposite: warmth and cold, activeness and calmness, Sun and Moon; yet, mixing metals has become a popular fashion statement. Gold is a more luxurious option suitable for special occasions, while silver is more moderate and casual, but combining both metals emphasizes the different textures and creates a cohesive look. However, in certain cases, they can complement each other.

There has been a trend of producing rings, earrings, and sets made of silver with gold overlays or inserts. The surface of the silver is coated with rhodium, and the piece is designed in a single style to highlight the gold accents. If stones are used in the jewellery collection, they are usually light-coloured, adding to the aesthetic that emphasizes the different textures. The result is a neat accessory that can be worn every day.

Rules for Combining Gold and Silver Jewellery

silver and gold pendant

It’s All About Style

The optimal style is minimalism. Such pieces are not overloaded with decor and have a harmonious design. They are easy to combine with each other and with any other accessories. Minimalist jewellery refreshes everyday looks and is suitable for meetings with friends or office work with a strict dress code.

Casual is another popular style that combines individuality and comfort. It allows the mixing of pieces of various sizes and shapes with different symbols and bright inserts. These can be large brooches and massive rings encrusted with large natural stones.

However, it’s better not to experiment with vintage-style accessories. The specific texture and unique appearance make such jewellery self-sufficient, and harmonious combinations with other accessories are nearly impossible. Those who prefer vintage style should wear a set of several pieces from the same metal.

Creative and artistic individuals choose the ethnic style as a means of self-expression. Several thin gold rings or bracelets combined with appropriate clothing, like non-office attire, look stylish.

ring on a finger

Two in One

Choosing a two-tone piece as the main accessory will simplify the creation of a harmonious set. It will serve as a linking element among the other pieces. Two-tone jewellery is typically made in two variants:

  1. Silver with gold plating on certain elements and;
  2. Silver items with gold plates applied, emphasizing the gold detailing.

Such pieces can be easily combined into original sets with both gold and silver jewellery.

Combining Types

It is easiest to mix pieces of the same type: several rings, bracelets, or chains. You can even wear so-called twin jewellery – made from different metals. Jewellery companies now produce the same models in both gold and silver.

You can combine not only the types of metals but also the shades. For example, you can create stylish sets by combining jewellery made of yellow, red, rose, and white gold.

Unity of Details

Elegant combinations of jewellery, including gold, have something in common: geometric shapes, patterns, or insert colours. For example, a filigree silver ring will make an excellent pair with a thin gold chain.

A gold ring with a large central stone perfectly complements a delicate silver ring with a small crystal of the same shade.

Gold jewellery should be larger. Gold always takes the lead and draws attention away from silver. Moreover, it highlights the owner’s financial status.

engraved bracelets

Image: inspirational bracelets for women – motivational engraving that will put a smile on your face.

Layering is Good

This stylistic technique is appreciated by people who wear a lot of jewellery simultaneously. It is permissible and fashionable to wear several chains of different lengths and bangles of varying thicknesses. If you prefer a watch with a metal bracelet, you can additionally adorn your wrist with a geometric-shaped piece made of another metal.

Combining the Complex with the Simple

When forming a set with an accent piece, try to balance it with something simple. For example, massive gold earrings make a stylish pair with minimalist silver ear cuffs. A gold ring with a diamond can be complemented with a silver ring with minimal decor and no inserts. Simple earrings will match a layered necklace.

Wedding Ring Counts

No matter what metal the wedding ring is made of, it should not be the centre of attention. It is not the main piece of the look. It’s a symbol of love that you will wear even without other accessories. On the contrary, it can be adorned by adding an engagement ring of original design.

Also, do not base your choice of jewellery on metal buttons, zippers, and buckles. Consider them in the styling of the look, but do not give them a leading role.

Cons of Wearing Gold and Silver Together

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to combining jewellery made of precious metals.

  • Different Physical Properties. Gold is softer than silver; after several years of active wear, gold pieces will show scratches and dents.
  • Oxidation of Metals on Contact with Skin. Silver is more prone to corrosion, and when it comes into contact with gold, greenish stains appear on the jewellery, which is difficult to remove.

Wear the pieces occasionally rather than daily to avoid mechanical damage. Regularly maintain your jewellery to protect it from oxidation and tarnishing.

Breaking the Rules for Style

Today, the “mix&match” trend dominates clothing and accessories-combining opposing styles (casual, romantic, classic, etc.) in one outfit. Jewellery brands have also embraced this, frequently releasing models that pair well together but are not part of a set. It is acceptable to break the rules for the sake of style when you want to express individuality and create something unique.


These can be studs, pendants, or convenient hooks made of gold and silver. A more budget-friendly line is silver earrings with gold plates. Silver and gold pendant earrings are a great choice for an evening look. They pair well with an updo or short hairstyle.


Silver pendants are often combined with chains made of interwoven white and yellow metals, making them perfect gifts that emphasize the union of different metals. Geometric models in which intertwined strips of the two metals form interesting compositions are also available. Complex silver pendants are mostly encrusted with cubic zirconia and zircons.

wedding ring


Can you wear rings of different metals on one hand? Stylists say yes, but with one caveat–don’t overdo the number of pieces.

When wearing rings on one hand, avoid putting them on every finger. This will prevent the jewellery from rubbing against each other and avoid scratches.
Two massive pieces in a set are unlikely to create visual harmony.

If one is inlaid with pearls, the shades of the pieces will be less noticeable. An opaque insert will highlight the advantages of the more affordable metal.

Pieces with a common detail–similar ornament, shade of inserts, shape, or size–go well together.

“Try not to be afraid, place a mirror in the brightest spot of your apartment, and start experimenting. Wear the incompatible and unexpectedly make it ‘compatible’. Think it’s a bold move? No, it’s the secret move of the Queen of Trinkets. Sometimes, even the most unpredictable combinations of gold and silver can play together so well that the next hit by Sting will be about you. That’s how you get a Desert Rose.” Queen of Trinkets – Moldavskaya Vika, founder of the Vilavi brand.

A luxurious set can be made from white gold and rhodium-plated silver. Both have a noble appearance and identical shade and, like no other jewellery, they highlight a bronze tan beautifully.

Can Gold and Silver be Stored Together?

Since gold is quite a soft metal, it should be stored separately from other metals, including silver, which can scratch it. Under no circumstances should jewellery and precious metals be stored together. Where your treasures are kept should be dry, as metals do not like moisture. Silver, by the way, can be stored in a polyethylene bag. The main thing is to avoid moisture.

A special jewellery box divided into multiple sections and lined with soft fabric can be an excellent storage choice. Remember that gold and silver jewellery require care, so occasionally clean them with special products.

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