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Personal Computers and Smartphones Were Introduced For Benefit of AI

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Personal computers and smartphones were introduced for the benefit of AI systems.

You may think there were some benevolent reasons for rolling out and introducing the personal computer and smartphone to the civilian population, and yes there were some, but the majority of reasons were far from that. One has to understand that the controllers work in 50 and 100 year increments and their primary modus operandi is one that may either surprise you or deep down your sub-conscious probably already knows what is going on.

What is the last bastion of control over the human population? The inside of your mind, of course, this has eluded the controllers for centuries. Even the Spanish Inquisition could not get close to that level of knowledge or control, or the Nazis, or the Soviet communist dictators or the religious organisations.

As a control system, religion has wavered and is not as powerful a tool for complete control any more, and this is why the controllers needed access to your most intimate thoughts, your thought cycles, as well as your very methods of thought. This process would need machines that replicate human thought to some extent, and what better way than a personal computer touted as a way to enhance human activity.

computerEven programming languages effectively replicate human thought processes to some extent with variables, strings and multiple processing architectural archetypes that are the basic structure of 1010101, the universal on-off switch for every permutation of every possible combination of mathematical and human existence. Who’s programming who, the human on the computer, or the computer on the human?

Essentially speaking, the personal computer introduced to the public was a first major step into delving into the minds of the population, giving the controllers a basic map of the internal minds of humans.

The next step was connectivity, and this is when the DARPA project of an internet was introduced to the general public. All of this trained internal data had to move around, it had to evolve and of course it had to be collected and filed by the controllers in their massive database banks. The internet allowed the controllers to see what people liked/disliked, it allowed them to delve into the darkest secrets of human activity as well as the thought processes and decisions people made in their lives. Every single facet of human behaviour was intricately analysed, logged and filed and in the present time it still is right now.

The smartphone was then introduced as an additional form of ultimate human control. This technique was a goldmine of information for the benefit of AI systems because it formed a much more intimate picture of human activity and behaviour simply because of its small size. A mobile phone is easy to carry and is with humans pretty much all the time, whereas a bulky personal computer is generally not with a person at all times. The vast amount of data collected through this method is too vast to even comprehend for most people, but smartphones along with things like apps are a vast treasure trove of data helping the controllers map out the human brain and its collective methods. People cannot do without their smartphones now, they are totally addicted and attached to them. Studies have now shown that by taking smartphones away from some people who are then put into a room alone, results in them self-harming themselves, such is the level of control over their entire being and mind.

Human data to benefit of AI systems

AI will fully understand and replicate the human mind. It does not need to sleep, it does not need wage rises or maternity leave or holidays. There are no industrial disputes with AI, there are no sick days or loss of productivity. This is why AI was fed the entirety of human data because humans will be replaced by these systems soon enough as is the plan by the controllers.

To fully control something, first you must completely understand every facet of it. Mapping out every single dendrite, synapse and connection of the human brain is another major project currently underway.

What do you do with the entire data set of the human mind; the books, the literature, the behaviour analytics, the thought processes, the creativity, the emotions, the biases, the infinite variables and combinations of discourse etc.?

You feed it all into AI machine learning projects, and this is the key factor in all the control processes envisioned by the controllers. This is all set up for the benefit of AI systems. For thousands of years they have dreamed of this very moment because they have been the few and the population has been the many, they have feared greatly of losing their grip on humanity, of losing their position of control.

This is why companies like Apple recently produced an advert for their new iPad Pro with an M-chip that depicts the entire breadth and width of human culture, creativity, and art being crushed by a rubbish disposal machine. This depiction signals the final rallying call that machines have ultimately superseded the human experience and this is just the beginning of the end for the traditional biological state of humanity. In the future, when the brain chip is introduced to the entire population, it will be the final step of ultimate control. By then they will have mapped out the human brain in its entirety, and the controllers will gain direct access into every single thought and memory of each human. As is today, humans cannot function in business or anything without a smartphone, and this will be the method used for the brain chip as well. Elon Musk, a sinister deviant character, is tasked with the initial rollout of this technology, but there are others in the pipeline right now as well if he fails.

Ultimately, humanity is on the cusp of a major epoch regarding the benefit of AI systems, a time of change so extreme that may bring back a state of feudalism once again but this time it will be an all encompassing form of technological feudalism and slavery incorporating complete control of the last bastion of human control — the brain.

UPDATE – May 24

Looks like others are realising what the Daily Squib has been talking about for years.


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