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The Elon Musk Hive Mind Plan

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The Musk hive mind plans are similar to Zuckerberg's Metaverse. The hive mind was predicted by the Daily Squib in 2012.

The Daily Squib predicted the Hive Mind in 2012. What we predicted is now finally coming into full fruition, as the cogs of so-called progress continue their slow turn. Along with Zuckerberg’s Meta, and now Elon Musk, the race is on to create a Borg-like hive mind prison, a sort of brain gulag where all thought will be similar and follow a controlled direction.

In a Collective, there are NO Individuals

One could postulate that the internet is already somewhat a hive mind, especially as all the conglomerates and Big Tech monopolies have completed their octopus grip over every facet of the once free internet.

What happened to the vision of Tim Berners-Lee is now a fucking concentration camp, an internet gulag…but it is now destined to become something even worse.

The expansion of the hive mind will eventually involve brain chipping. Another concept we foresaw from 2012 and 2016 “with the introduction of artificial intelligent systems, sentient machinery and brainchipping, there may be no place for humans to go other than the augmented fashion. Employers will require their staff to be chipped, and all transactions will require biometric approval. Therefore, if you wish to be employed, and eat, you need the chip.”


The hive mind is more prevalent in the insect world, and this is where humans are being directed towards. We as a human race will be forced to be interconnected insects all following the same steered course by the controllers and as in the insect world, any form of different thought or ‘free thought’ will be punished by the thought police, the soldier ants, the worker bees.

The entirety of your mind is the last bastion of complete control and security for the controllers. They fear the number of people who could easily rise against them, this is why they want a hive mind for you while they will keep their own independence and individuality. In a hive mind, it will also be easier to filter out those who question what is happening, to root out the naysayers or those who value individual freedom because those people will stand out and be easier to spot.

Already, woke cancel culture, public shaming and woke mass programming starting from kindergarten is a sign that the hive mind is on its way and developing. Language itself is a form of programming, and so is controlled organised religion as well as the economic cycle of many humans who are tax slaves to a system from birth to death.

The controlled legacy media is also in tune with the hive mind, as they all blurt out the same headlines as any event in the world occurs. One can easily observe the same keywords and phrases being blurted out by robotic newsreaders from interconnected hive networks in countries like America.

Whether the future will be a hive mind Metaverse, or a Muskverse, the future will be as dystopian as it already is now, but probably even fucking worse. Enjoy.



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  1. I dunno is Elon Musk a good guy or a bad guy? He says he wants to help us but he deals in China and does stuff like this?

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