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Neuralink: Monkey Playing Pong

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Elon Musk company Neuralink has released a video of a brain chipped monkey playing pong.

Will Elon Musk’s Brainchip Work?

CALIFORNIA - USA - Elon Musk's brainchip is a step in the right direction, however the technology is still severely limited and in its infancy.

Global Domination: Facebook Developing Mind-Reading Device

MENLO PARK - USA - The octopus grip of Facebook already has its tentacles deeply entrenched in the world's population, however that's not good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, he wants to go further, he wants to dominate your mind completely.

Robotics Future is Almost Upon Us

BOSTON - USA - Thanks to Alphabet owned companies like Boston Dynamics, and Head of Engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity will be achieved within the next few decades.

Why Wear Google Glasses When You Can Have an Implant?

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - With the advent of the new $1500 Google Glasses that are set to revolutionise how people interact with the world and people, there are serious questions that need to be asked about wearing such clunky things on your head.

Smart Phones Apps Cameras Microchips and Social Network Surveillance

VIRGINIA - USA - Why technology is moving towards the eventual microchipping of worldwide citizens.

Economic Crisis, Riots, Unrest – Welcome to the Next Thirty Years

LONDON - England - The crisis perpetuated by Greece's EU debacle is symptomatic of a much wider problem infecting the whole global economy.

Apple iCloud Starts Raining

CUPERTINO - USA - They say it doesn't just rain, it pours, or something to that effect. Well, in Apple's case, it's been raining buckets out of a cloud perched just above its head quarters.

Why Social Networking Has Been Best Tool for Criminals and Governments

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Once upon a time it used to be quite hard for the government and criminals to get private data from individuals, nowadays the information gleaned from social networking sites is so vast that they have been overwhelmed.

CCTV Surveillance in UK Homes

LONDON - England - The UK is famous for being the best 'Surveillance Society' in the world and prides itself in having three CCTV cameras for every person in Britain. The Government plans to increase camera numbers by installing more cameras in homes. The normally pliant British people have finally started to question this latest Governmental proposal.

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