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Why Mandatory Behaviour Modification Will be Important in Future

BRUSSELS - EU - Behaviour modification will eventually become a mandatory part of human existence.

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The reduction of crime, in fact the total elimination of crime, is the primary precept of behaviour modification. The reduction of unhappiness in humans to their current condition; the elimination of protest, the halt of looting and riots, the end of all human crime and resistance.

Mandatory microchipping of the populace will eventually be introduced and will change human society forever. The introduction of AI in everyday life, as well as Net Zero will be the precursor for millions of job losses that will invariably cause mass hysteria amongst the population. To counteract this problem, behaviour modification will be introduced to regulate the process of the post-consumerist age.

Post consumerism essentially means that the elite have no need for the masses anymore simply because they have used the masses over centuries to finally reach their technological zenith. With AI and robotics, as well as nanotechnology extending life exclusively for the elite, the masses and their role will no longer be needed.

To prepare the masses for the New Deal, the Great Reset will also be introduced as a form of slow whittling down of the power of the masses. There will be no more pandering to the masses through elections, as these will be outlawed. One could describe this form of technical governance as a form of scientific feudal dictatorship, where the experts will oversee the masses. The recent lockdown policing during the Covid pandemic is a tiny glimpse into what the future will be like all the time.

You will be happy through behaviour modification and even if you are aware of your situation it will not matter. The Great Reset ultimately means that you will have no need to own any property or equity anymore. With no assets, you will be released of the burden of ownership.


The EU, which is ultimately a Soviet collectivist protectionist construct led by unelected representatives of the elite, is the ideal model for the Great Reset. Spokesmen like Klaus Schwab for the World Economic Forum are low level operatives that reveal some details — but not all, of what is to come. China is the global model of an ideal system of control, and will lead the push for mandatory brain chipping to control the masses. What China does, the EU dutifully follows. The EU is slowly shifting its population to be familiar with eating insects as a primary protein source. This will lower carbon emissions by eliminating factory farming of livestock like cows, chickens, pigs. Naturally, the elite will have their own organic farms still operating, so they can feast on filet mignon and champagne whilst the proles eat their insect products. Behaviour modification will ensure that the populace will eat their bugs and be jolly about it.

Why have physical prisons with all the unnecessary expense when you can have mind prisons with minimal cost? Through chipping of the population, the controllers will have the ultimate control over every part of the populace. You will not be able to be employed in any of the few jobs left for humans, and no one will be able to make a monetary transaction without the chip. It will first be introduced as an aid to the disabled, blind, quadriplegics. It will be introduced as an extension of social media, so the take-up will be enormous. The populace have been conditioned to be completely reliant and addicted to their mobile phones and the chip in the brain will ensure constant connectivity into the hive internet mind, which is essentially a vast echo chamber constantly beating propaganda into the consciousness and subconsciousness of the masses. You may be fooled into thinking that there will be one way traffic from your brain to the interface, but it will be two-way traffic. Just as users download apps into their mobile devices today, the apps of the future will link to your frontal, temporal, parietal lobes. An example would be tiers of service where if the user does not have the ability to pay for the extra costs involved, the developers would have the ability to project advertisements directly into the user’s brain, and they would not be able to stop experiencing the advertisement in their mind. These, however, would be the early stages of the program, which would be rolled out globally and simultaneously.

Essentially you will be happy, you will comply, and if there are any errors, they can simply reset, modify or switch you off.

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