Global Domination: Facebook Developing Mind-Reading Device

MENLO PARK - USA - The octopus grip of Facebook already has its tentacles deeply entrenched in the world's population, however that's not good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, he wants to go further, he wants to dominate your mind completely.



Developed at the infamous Facebook laboratory ‘Building 8’ is focused on engineering new hardware products to advance the mission of connecting the world.  “We bring together world-class experts to develop seemingly impossible products that define new categories. We drive innovation in augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, brain neural connectivity and other important breakthrough areas.”

What Facebook is developing in Menlo Park, is an interface that will cede complete control of a large chunk of the human race to Facebook, this cannot be denied as Facebook has itself admitted to the development of the DARPA-like technology.

According to insiders, the Facebook evil conglomerate is developing brainchips which will be neurally linked with your brain, embedded deep in your neocortex, the part of the brain which deals with sight and hearing, Facebook will be able to transmit advertisements straight into your mind.

But it’s not only adverts that you will be forced to watch for the gain of Zuckerberg and his evil plan, there will be other thoughts that could easily be transferred into your mind, sometimes sub-consciously so you will not realise it until it is too late.

Building 8

“They can gauge exactly what sort of person you are, what you are thinking, and how to program you. Commercially this is a goldmine, but also governmental control wise, there will be easy access to your behaviour, where modifications can be enacted at the touch of a few buttons. With nearly a billion users on Facebook, this new tech is invaluable, because certain agencies can use this to program millions of people at the same time. If everyone on Facebook suddenly becomes happy with no apparent reason, or sad, or angry, or suddenly very patriotic this is useful, especially in times of war. We can make people really want to join the military, they will in reality have no choice because the urge we transmit will be too great, or people can be made to buy a certain product, because we have implanted an irresistible urge in your mind to do so. These are the things that will happen, the Facebook dystopian nightmare is here already, where every facet of your life is ruled by Mark Zuckerberg and his evil plan.”

facebook octo 550

What Zuckerberg and his evil minions are doing to the world is a terrible crime, a crime so heinous and dastardly yet many under the spell of Facebook are completely ignorant of it. These people are lost, they will soon be completely controlled robots under the Facebook empire of complete control.

It’s not too late to save yourself

If you are on Facebook today, and have read so far, we urge you to save yourselves. You must act now, delete your page, delete everything you have on that site, and never go back there again. There is still time to save your privacy, your mind from the conditioning and programming of Facebook. Before it is too late, you must do it, and do it now. Log on to Facebook now and click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page, select “Settings”, click “Security” in the left column. Choose “Deactivate your account“, then follow the steps to confirm. Once you have done that, pat yourself on the back, you have freed yourself from Facebook.