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Beyond Satire: Jews Could Be Arrested For Looking Jewish

LONDON - England - After an incident at a Palestinian protest, Jews could be arrested for looking Jewish by the police.


A Jewish man was threatened with arrest at a recent Palestinian protest in the capital city. Have the goyim gone mad? What the fuck is this shanda? Jews could be arrested for looking Jewish? As always, there are many sides to this episode, which we are truly too lazy to delve into. Like, do your own research. Here is a link to the incident as reported by ye olde Daily Telegraph: Link

Perhaps, we can illustrate this story from another time, in another place and by genius writer of funny stuff, Larry David, when things were a little more jocular and not so fucking serious between the Israelis and Palestinians. Of course, sentiment has sort of shifted since then, and there are a lot of fractured opinions on both sides.

The Larry David Palestinian Chicken episode is however thick in this story, where Larry gets to score with a Palestinian chick in a Palestinian chicken restaurant when he stops his friend going to the restaurant wearing a Yarmulka. “What is this, the raid on Entebbe?”

Things may have been way different in London if Palestinian chicken was involved as well as some hot Palestinian women. Maybe this is the key to eventual peace between the two people in the Middle East. Maybe the policeman who stopped that Jewish man from crossing the street because he looked too Jewish had some Palestinian chicken at home along with a curvy Palestinian minx? At the end of the day, though, should anyone be stopped from crossing a road in a public place because they look like they are part of a particular ethnic group? Jews could be arrested for looking Jewish, Arabs could be arrested for looking too Arabic, etc.

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