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Vote For a Socialist Sunak High Tax Nanny Big State or a Socialist Starmer High Tax Nanny Big State?

LONDON - England - A vote for Rishi Sunak is a vote for Keir Starmer in the coming election, where Labour are the same as the Tories.

The current socialist Sunak high tax nanny big state that meddles into every facet of the highly taxed populace and is going around banning everything with a communistic authoritarian fervour is a disgrace to the tenets of freedom and liberty as well as democracy.

For a start, no one voted for this fucking Marxist cunt Rishi Sunak in the first place. He is an unelected number crunching communist from India who was put into power by god knows who. We will probably never know where this fucker came from?

As for Labour, the incoming socialist Starmer high tax nanny big state will no doubt increase the Marxism levels within government and start banning anything that’s a bit fun in the country, just like the socialist Tory government are doing.

Every single day is a struggle living under a socialist regime of authoritarian big state diktats similar to the EU Commission rules and regulations that we were meant to have left behind when we supposedly left the fucking EU.

There is little or no distinction between the high tax nanny big state two leaders or parties in socialist policy and authoritarian meddling. Conservatism and Libertarianism have been completely eviscerated and liquidated from within the UK parliamentary system.

So, what does the voter do in this horrid situation?

Well, thankfully there are choices available to the plebiscite:

  1. Do not vote
  2. Vote but spoil your ballot in protest
  3. Leave the country and never come back again because it’s fucked
  4. Vote for the Reform Party

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  1. Id rather cut my balls off with a rusty razor than vote for Sunak. This is coming from a previously lifelong conservative voter.

  2. Вы, британские идиоты, можете голосовать за кого угодно. Это не имеет значения, потому что Путин будет вас бомбить в 2026 году. Вашего крошечного острова больше нет.

  3. Who would have though that satire would explain the current situation 1000% better than any mainstream news website?

    Like many others I will not be voting because it makes little or no difference.


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