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Monday, June 19, 2017
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THINK TANK: The Rise of Communism in Britain Today is a...

LONDON - England - The rise of communism through the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, and John McDonnell should not be underestimated in its plans for violent takeover and revolution.

He Who Controls the Young and Gullible Voters is King

GRIMSBY - England - Like lambs to the slaughter, they followed their shepherd without question as he doled out those sweet saccharin lies, false promises and delicious bribes.

Jeremy Corbyn Serious Threat to National Security Monitored By Special Branch

LONDON - England - Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a serious threat to democracy in the UK if he is voted in on June 8. He is monitored by Special Branch and MI5.

Labour Using Brainwashing Techniques on Britain’s Pliable Young

LONDON - England - The young have been targets of political indoctrination for centuries, and during this election the Labour Party is utilising some age old soviet techniques to effectively brainwash many of Britain's youth.

Labour Election: Corbyn Plotting Destruction of Royal Family

WINDSOR - England - Within the third year of the Labour party regime under Jeremy Corbyn's Momentum group, the much-hated royal family of Britain are to be de-funded by the state.

Labour: “Britain’s Population Through Immigration to Rise by 60%”

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn's no cap policy on immigration of unskilled workers will ensure a population rise of over 60% within the next fifteen years of Britain's population.

EU Conspiracy Manipulated Electoral Polls to Dupe May Into Calling Early...

LONDON - England - One of the necessary rules of warfare is never underestimate your enemy, but sadly this rule may have fallen on deaf ears in Theresa May's camp, who may have been duped into calling an early general election.

EXODUS: Where to Go If High Tax Jeremy Corbyn Wins Election?

LONDON - England - Under the regime of Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist Collectivist Soviet rule, Britain would have the highest taxes in the Western world.

Comrade Corbyn Addresses High Party Apparatchiks and Bolsheviks

MANCHESTER - England - Comrade Jeremy Corbyn, supreme Soviet Labour leader has spoken about his 10-year plan of collectivism after the revolution.

EU Blackmail: Totalitarian State Holds Britain to Ransom

LONDON - England - There should be no bargaining with blackmailers or totalitarian regimes who hold Britain to ransom.