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10 Ways Young Men Can Fight Against Woke Emasculation

LONDON - England - Here are 10 ways young men can fight against woke emasculation and demoralisation in woke Western society.

Young men in Western countries have the highest suicide rates and are constantly told they are toxic just for being men. They no longer have masculine role models to look up to. Men are denigrated at every level of Western woke society and are punished simply for showing masculine biological traits. The woke emasculation of men is an agenda that is pushed from kindergarten to employment and is now firmly in place within society.

The game is rigged against men. The less you play, the more you win.

If you are male and feel marginalised, you can fight back. You do not have to take the demoralisation avenue forced upon you. You are not toxic for simply being born a man and acting in a masculine fashion. You can do something, you can make a difference, not only for yourself but other men. Be proud of your masculinity and act upon the woke Marxist disease infiltrating Western civilisation right now.



10 Ways Young Men Can Fight Against Woke Emasculation


1. Develop Confidence and Self-Reliance: Cultivate self-confidence and self-reliance by setting and achieving personal goals. This helps build a strong sense of self-worth and independence.

2. Embrace Traditional Masculine Values: Uphold and embody values traditionally associated with masculinity, such as strength, courage, honour, and responsibility. Engage in activities that reinforce these traits.

3. Pursue Physical Fitness: Maintain a regular exercise routine to build physical strength and health. Engaging in sports, martial arts, or weight training can also foster discipline and resilience.

4. Seek Mentorship and Community: Surround yourself with like-minded men who share similar values. Joining men’s groups, clubs, or organisations can provide support and camaraderie.

5. Improve Skills and Competence: Continuously work on improving practical skills, whether it’s through formal education, vocational training, or self-taught endeavours. Being competent in various areas enhances confidence and independence.

6. Stand Up for Your Beliefs: Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and stand by your beliefs, even if they are unpopular. Engage in respectful debates and discussions to defend your perspectives.

7. Be Financially Free: Create the element of self-sufficiency and self-reliance in all things, especially in financial freedom. Cultivate entrepreneurial skills to overcome the 9-5 narrative. Be financially prudent and secure bolstering your freedom to be who you are and not be subject to others and their agendas.

8. Cultivate Leadership Skills: Take on leadership roles in various aspects of your life, whether in your career, community, or personal life. Effective leadership embodies strength, decisiveness, and responsibility.

9. Set Personal Boundaries: Establish and maintain clear personal boundaries. This includes knowing when to say no and protecting your own mental and emotional health.

10. Change Woke Society: Engage in political and social forums online and offline to fight against the creep of soviet Marxist woke feminist indoctrination. By actively participating, using your knowledge and skills, you can change bit by bit the evil dystopian woke demoralisation of Western civilisation.

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  1. Just read this and it nearly made me puke>>>>

    A male victim who suffered at the hands of his controlling ex-girlfriend has spoken about the terror she inflicted on him for over six months. Student nurse Sarah Rigby, 41, bullied, belittled and harassed her former partner, Gareth Jones, to the point he lost four stone in weight, became isolated from friends and family and was driven to the brink of suicide.

    Such was her control over him that he was forced to eat salad, wear a hat when out in public and swallow toothpaste. Rigby, of Winsford, also threatened to have sex with other people if she couldn’t get pregnant, telling him: “I need to get pregnant this month. If I don’t, I’ll dump you.”

    Mr Jones would be ‘frisked’ before leaving the house, would have to forfeit his wage to her, and was forced to hand over his mobile phone for Rigby to check on demand. He said he resorted to giving his own mother a ‘duress code’ to indicate when it was safe for them to speak without Rigby listening in.

  2. Thank you so much for this you have literally changed my life with your advice. It is so based. I too am at a loss with modern feminist women and am sick of being a simp. I vow from today to get out of this horrible situation. It is better to be a man and live by your own terms than to be an emasculated doormat to be sh*t on. F*CK FEMINISM!

  3. Wanna ride the Cock Carousel after you become 18 and in your 20s? Go right ahead.
    Wanna march in pussy hats ? Go right ahead
    Wanna trap a poor sap and divorce grape him? Go right ahead try your luck.
    Want to tell boys that they are insignificant and the future is female? Your rights are protected by the 1st amendment

  4. They live via social media and want you to bank roll a rich lifestyle, while doing nothing themselves.

    modern women have no values

  5. Radical feminism and the attack on male masculinity are at the top of my list. Hollywood, main stream media and popular propaganda programming have helped push me away from the current non traditional role as a man in society. I am not going to bow to feminism and I am not going to give up my masculinity for anyone. I tried and I failed miserably. I was a simp for thirty years and all I got for my trouble was to be emasculated and in several codependent relationships. I accept complete responsibility for my decisions while being a simp and now being free.

    What caused me to find my freedom? Simping was definitely not working so I had to figure out something else. In my last and final relationship I was beyond miserable because I was still operating under the fallacy that the nicer I was and the better I treated her, the better I would be treated in return and the more she would respect me. WRONG! I was mentally and emotionally beaten down almost daily to the point of becoming suicidal. Thinking suicide vs actually doing it are entirely different.

    Another thing that I was noticing and realizing was that popular programming on tv was/is actually propaganda aimed at emasculating men and promoting masculinity in women. I always wondered why I would be so agitated after watching programs like Dr. Phil, Oprah, Home improvement, Married With Children and Shameless to name a few. The main characters in the sit coms were men and promoted as total buffoons that couldn’t possibly survive without a woman barking out orders to him and their home life was a constant face full of chaos and drama that he wasn’t allowed to take control of. The tv commercials infuriate me and those women would be out on their ass immediately if they talked to me that way. Car Gurus is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me with the way that bitch berates the simp boyfriend. Todays programming is far worse for me. It is so bad that I have not had any kind of cable service for almost five years.

    I see emasculated men all the time with their masculine woman leading them around by the dick. It is disgusting but I understand because I was that man for many many years. “If you don’t do what I tell you then you don’t get any pu**y”. Weaponizing sex is a staple of radical feminism and so many men, myself included fall for it as if their woman somehow has the patent on pu**y.

    Gender roles have been completely reversed EXCEPT for the heavy lifting in society. Men are still expected to be the mules that keep society running while women have minor roles like paper pushers and service providers. But when they come home at the end of the day the woman somehow grew a dick and is now in charge while the man is now the underling with his dick tucked between his legs, sitting down to pee, doing the honey do list while the woman sits on her throne barking out orders. I can do all the skirt work just fine by myself with none of the bullshit.

    Yes I’m being a little cynical and of course it isn’t 100% as I say but that is exactly how my life was when I tried to be what society expected me to be as a “modern” man. No thank you, I’ll take the L on that one. Nice guys finish last and it just isn’t a saying.

    Since I have embraced freedom I have had my eyes opened to all the programming and scamming that is todays attack on real men and their masculinity. It actually promotes masculine women and emasculated men. I’m not playing any more.

    I live by myself, for myself and I make my own rules. I have more mental clarity and peace than at any other time in my life. I also have more money and “stuff” than any time I was in a relationship with none of the bullshit I was mandated to accept as part of having a “Relationship”. My relationships were what I would call situationships and were dysfunctional at best.

    I still have women in my life but they know there is no chance of anything more than friends and/or playmates. If they don’t like it, too bad. I don’t bash women or emasculated men, I have better things to do with my life.

    I do write a lot about freedom, how it changed my life and how much better off I am since I went my own way, by myself. If I can help just one man see the light then I feel good that I have made a positive difference.

    Free and loving life!

  6. Spend money on yourself. If you want se x pay for it. I pay women to leave no strings attached. Never marry or get involved longterm. They suck away everything from u.


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