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Labour: “Ever closer union with the EU means ditching the pound”

LONDON - England - Trilateral Commission member Keir Starmer has his orders, and one of them is ditching the pound for the euro.

Trilateral Commission member Keir Starmer is someone who has his orders from upon high. The pyramid of power extends over the entirety of the European Union and encompasses the United States and China. Sir Keir Starmer is a Marxist who still utilises capitalistic economic techniques to enrich the coffers of the Marxist Communist ideology. This technique is not frowned upon, and has been successfully utilised by the Maoist/Marxist construct of the Chinese Communist Party for decades now. By embracing capitalism yet keeping this within a communist political ideology, the Chinese have successfully been able to build up and modernise their military. The European Soviet Union utilises the same method to build up its wealth, with the German economy as its workhorse, but its modus operandi is to collectivise all the nations imprisoned within its walls to strip these nations of their sovereignty and economic individualism. Starmer’s orders are very clear, and he will begin by bringing ever closer union to the European Soviet Union. Britain never had a proper Brexit anyway, so his job will be made much easier. Naturally, maybe within the second Labour term the EU will demand that if the UK wants ever closer union, one of the prerequisites for this will be that the pound sterling currency should be ditched for the euro. Starmer and his Marxist economists have already okayed this, and will push it through a capitulated one party British parliament, where the Labour Party has a massive majority of seats and literally owns the House of Lords with planted Marxist peers. Ditching the pound sterling will lock and imprison the UK into the European Soviet Union, much like the other nations have been imprisoned and subjugated. Once this process of collectivism has been completed, Britain’s last remaining wealth will be siphoned off into the EU, propping up debt-ridden southern and eastern EU nations who are hungry for cash reserves and an injection of stolen wealth. Many Europeans are so poverty-stricken that they can only rent their properties. In Germany, 90% of the population can only rent, whilst in the UK homeownership is more common. Thanks to the Thatcher years, people were able to embrace homeownership in the UK, although in more recent decades, due to the rise in house prices, homeownership has declined amongst the young. Starmer and his Marxist minions will utilise this malaise of the youth to justify ditching the pound sterling which will destroy the property wealth of the UK, aligning it with the EU. This will be communist collectivism at work, and the redistribution of wealth under the European Soviet Union will be a profound change for the UK, plunging its inherent wealth into the abyss. Britain was always the cash cow for the EU, and nothing will change under Keir Starmer’s Labour, selling off the last remnants of the country to the EU for a pittance. Gordon Brown sold off Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market, so this will be just another Labourite kick in the gangoolies for the former country of Britain. The gloating unelected EU Commission members will be laughing into their unlimited expense accounts.

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