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Biden: “Nice to meet you, my memory resets every five minutes”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden may be in power, but his brain is an atrophied mess where his memory resets every five minutes.

Cowardice manifests itself in many ways, the inability to recognise or remedy one’s shortcomings is one element, and in Joe Biden’s limited world, this is interspersed with avarice and greed for power, the irascible unwarranted megalomaniacal arrogance of a frail little man who is blinded by stolen power despite not being able to mentally cope due to his serious deterioration of cognitive function. Forget about putting the safety of the United States or the globe first, these are all secondary issues to a corrupt and deluded Biden family. Of course, Joe Biden is being enabled and led by his equally power-hungry and evil Sicilian Mafiosi wife Jill ‘Giacoppo’ Biden, along with his drug-ridden corrupt son as well as the equally diabolical Democrat Party apparatus including its media propaganda branch. The fact that Biden’s Swiss cheese memory resets every five minutes is not of any consequence, these repugnant cunts are dug in deep with delusion and power hungry madness that pervades over the entire machinery within the halls of Capitol Hill.

If a person’s memory resets every five minutes or so, you can literally be in a room with that person for an hour and meet them for the first time 12 times.

We are literally being led by mad men

Joe Biden’s neural connections in his brain are damaged beyond repair, his entorhinal cortex and hippocampus are shrinking, the cerebral cortex responsible for linguistics, reasoning and social behaviour are all shot to shit. Once these areas are damaged, the other areas of the brain are compromised and the neurons stop functioning normally. Biden’s brain is full of the beta-amyloid protein, a product of the amyloid precursor protein. These elements cluster amongst the neurons, disrupting their function, the beta-amyloid 42 protein is extremely toxic, and Joe Biden’s fucking brain is dripping with this shit. The protein clumps build up over time, forming plaques that disrupt cell function in the brain.

When Joe Biden freezes, he is trying to make a connection that does not exist any more, he then semi-consciously tries again, but when he still cannot make a connection he moves on to another mumbling subject or blurts out nonsense because his brain is a scrambled mess. The abnormal chemical changes occurring in Joe Biden’s brain cause tau to detach from microtubules and stick to other tau molecules much like weeds in a garden lawn or creeping toxic vines they form threads that block the brain’s neuron transport system harming the synaptic communication from neuron to neuron.

Joe Biden’s brain is thus shrinking every day, because as the neurons continue to deteriorate and stop functioning normally, entire clusters of dendrites and synapses connecting neurons die off. This permanent damage causes the brain to shrink as it effectively dies from the inside, it becomes atrophied. One would normally feel sad for a person who is suffering from such a degenerative condition, but because Joe Biden who has been in this state for over four years now is still holding onto the US Presidency, there cannot be any compassion for such reckless greed, avarice and delusion. The same goes for the scum that are enabling this charade to continue. The world is in its terrible state right now because these people enabled a man like Joe Biden in the first place.

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