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America is in Serious Danger – Who Has Been Running the Country?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Who has been running the country since the demented Joe Biden has been in the White House? America is in serious danger.

To think for one second that a sad old decrepit weak feeble man with seriously advanced dementia has been running the country for the past few years is a really scary thought. The 2024 Presidential Debate was a disgraceful, sad affair. Donald Trump could have dug in and ripped this man to shreds, but instead he looked over at Joe Biden with pity and sadness.

America is in Serious Danger

Joe Biden is being enabled by lying Democrat propaganda merchants, along with his disgraceful wife Jill Biden, and the game was truly up during the Presidential Debate. The Democrats have lied since the beginning of his false presidency in 2020, and have covered up Biden’s total mental decline. The Democrat Party has put not only the nation of America in serious peril and danger but the entire globe.

Joe Biden is meant to be running the fucking country, but he is clearly not because he does not know where he is half the time. When Joe Biden said that no troops have lost their lives during his so-called tenure, he seems to have forgotten the thirteen US troops who were killed in a bombing during his administration’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan. Can you imagine the fucking rage felt by the families of those soldiers who lost their lives whilst they were listening to Biden’s words during the debate?

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With a blank look, clearly unfit for office, Joe Biden is a disaster to not only the United States but the entire world.

There is a real reason why Russia, Iran, North Korea and China want Joe Biden to win a second term, because they know they will have carte blanche to do as they please again with no repercussions.

But, really, who has been running the country for the last four years? It certainly was not Joe Biden, and this brings us to the worrying question — who is making the decisions?

The fucking nuke button is in Joe Biden’s hands, apparently. We knew Biden was unfit from the beginning, but of course we were ignored as usual.

This is serious folks, the monopoly search control company is pushing Joe Biden heavily trying to skew the results. Shame on Jill Biden, shame on the MSNBC cunts who pushed this man.

It is most certain that this has been Obama’s third term, as his entire team has been working behind the scenes from the beginning. It’s just that the debates where Biden has been put in front of cameras on his own give everything away.

Despite all of this insanity, some deluded and biased Democrats still think Biden won during his catastrophic performance at the first 2024 debate. These scumbags will defend and enable Biden despite every disaster he presides over.


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