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Why Aren’t the Freemasons Addressing the Transgender Issue?

LONDON - England - The Council of Freemasonry is attempting to wokify Freemasons in England, but why is there no transgender issue addressed?

In an unprecedented move to dispel misconceptions of misogyny, English Freemasonry recently announced the creation of the Council for Freemasonry, including both female and male members in England and Wales. If the Freemasons in England are now a progressive, woke institution, why are they not addressing the transgender issue?

This new Council aims to enhance collaboration and promote the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, such as merit, tolerance, diversity, and inclusion, among the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), the Order of Women Freemasons (OWF), and the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF).

Grand Master Carol Cole

Despite these goals, the Council has not explicitly addressed the inclusion of transgender individuals within the organization. While Freemasonry emphasizes diversity, the lack of discussion around transgender members raises questions about its commitment to truly inclusive practices. This is effective woke suicide and if the Freemasons want to be truly woke they have to now create a charter for transgender Freemasons.

Since opening the progressive/inclusive door, if a transgender ‘woman’ with a penis wants to join an all-female chapter of the Freemasons, what will happen? What happens if this transgender woman then goes on to rape a few female Freemasons? These are some of the questions that the new Council of Freemasonry must address. If you are going to attempt to go woke — go proper woke, or don’t do it all.

The imposition of wokification/metoo has also extended to London’s Garrick Club by forcing the men’s masonic lodges to accept women members and vice versa. The Garrick’s all-male membership recently voted to admit women for the first time in its 190-year history. England’s largest masonic lodges have however made it clear that they have no intention of trying to force the men’s and women’s lodges together.

Freemasonry continues to face criticisms rooted in misconceptions and deep-seated prejudices. Women’s Freemasonry has been part of the UK tradition for over a century, yet the organization still operates in single-sex lodges, similar to many sports and community groups. However, this structure may inadvertently exclude transgender individuals, leading to concerns about inclusivity.

The establishment of the Council provides an opportunity to formally address these concerns, yet there remains a noticeable silence on transgender issues. The Council’s mandate includes promoting community service, coordinating communication, and driving membership growth, particularly for women. However, the absence of a clear stance on transgender inclusion suggests that more work is needed to align Freemasonry with woke discussions on gender diversity.

The formation of this Council marks a pivotal step toward enhancing cooperation and addressing misconceptions, but the question remains: why has it not tackled the transgender issue? This silence may hinder progress towards wokification inclusivity ideologies Freemasonry seeks to uphold.

As the Council for Freemasonry moves into woke politics, it is now destined to address the transgender agenda as well in the near future.

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  1. I just had surgery!!As the title says, I’m 21 and I just had vaginoplasty yesterday morning at Parklane with Dr Granger. Naturally I don’t have the full picture of how it’s all turned out yet, but I’m so elated with how everything has gone so far. It hurts and there is alot of puss coming out. They told me it should crust up in a few weeks.

  2. Not every trans woman gets bottom dysphoria, and it’s completely valid and fine not to have it and to want to keep your penis just as much as it is to want SRS. I myself wanted a vaginoplasty because to me my penis was the ultimate expression of my male body, and therefore a major source of dysphoria for me, as well as a huge reminder of my birth sex. I can honestly say that right now, for the first time in my whole life, I am completely undysphoric, which is just so amazing. They showed me my penis in a jar and I think i’m going to keep it on a shelf at home. Could be a good talking point.

  3. For a lot of trans women like sometimes we lose sight of just how far-reaching hormone treatment is and just how much it can do for your dysphoria. It also substantially changes the genitals, so if there were any aspect of her genitals that upsets her but she obviously doesn’t want to remove them, hormones could help her in that regard too.

    As for the backlash, first of all it’s really shitty that trans ppl have to experience it and I’m sorry, especially from family. My family were very transphobic to me through my transition and I stopped talking to them because of it, so I really understand the feeling of constantly not knowing how to respond to their shit. My honest advice would always be to stand your ground against people like that – they have to know that respect is not given, it is earned, and that they do not deserve your respect. No matter what they might say, it is not a negotiable thing and is something you deserve

  4. Thanks to the NHS – all the hospitals that commission SRS surgeries in the UK are private hospitals, so the NHS basically acts as your insurer for you to go and have the procedure there, so you pay nothing. If I were to have had the same procedure under the same surgeon privately, it would have cost about £30,000, which is money I couldn’t even dream of having! There are so many ppl being referred to and supported by the NHS that it is really great. I am so proud of the UK. One other friend had SRS which cost the UK taxpayer £85,000, so proud of her.

  5. I waited a total of around 5 years from very first GP appointment to the day of my surgery which only cost £74,000; it can massively vary depending on which GIC you go through and how long its waiting list is, I went through Cardiff which at the time I was seen was one of the shortest. It took about 3 years to get seen at the GIC and get my two surgery referrals, another year waiting to be referred to a hospital for surgery, and then another year going through the whole process. Some GICs’ waiting lists are much longer sadly – I would say it’s worth checking the lists and seeing if you can get to a clinic with less demand. Note that you can’t go to a GIC in a different country than where your GP is registered (so you can’t go to Cardiff if you have an English GP, for example)

  6. Anyone who voted Reform or Tory Scum is transphobic and Racist. Reform should not be defended and it’s sickening that people, especially those in minority communities continue to justify reform voters and it’s sickening.

    4 MILLION voted for Reform in the latest election and Reform came in second place in 90 seats losing barely

    Reform voters are racist and transphobic, they know what they’re voting for and if they don’t then that’s even worse because it’s irresponsible voting for a party you don’t fully understand.

    4 million is concerning because that’s 4 million people who agree with single sex spaces terfs, shooting migrant on beaches, calling Hitler admirable, trying to eradicate “gender ideology” and candidates that say there are too many foreigners at airports.

    Why some in this community have tried to defend them is disgusting. Reform voters should all be hunted down and either prisoned or tortured to death.

  7. A large proportion of the human race is very stupid. Racism and transphobia are also stupid. There is a correlation there. These ignorant @rseholes should be forced by gunpoint to accept transgenderism. In fact, we should force children to be given transgender surgery. It would be better for the human race.

  8. I’m transfemme and a lifelong socialist and my BFF of over a decade is dating a reform voter, she’s head over heels because he “treats her nice” (read as has a massive dick 🙄 ) and she’s totally starting to buy into his “I’m not prejudiced, I’m just a realist” shit. I wish I could have him up my butt hole cuz his dick is so big. I still hav a penis but it’s tiny.

    I don’t know what to do, seems like every time I try to talk to her about it she just gets more defiant and “I’m gonna date him even harder” over it. Hopefully they will break up soon so I can get butt f-cked by him myself.

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