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Desperate Democrats to Replace Biden With a Potato

NEW YORK - USA - The first presidential debate of 2024 has been a disaster for Joe Biden, and the Democrats seek to replace him with a potato.

Mumbling, incoherent, barely awake — poor old angry Joe Biden, you have to feel for the crooked vindictive grumpy guy, he just does not know where he is or what he is saying. They put words in front of him, but to him, they are random words with no meaning or context. He refuses to wear an adult diaper and clearly defecates on himself without realising. They pump him up with steroids, caffeine, Adderall, but it makes no difference. They put a piece in his ear trying to tell him what to say, but what they say goes in one ear and out the other. The Democrats are now looking to replace Biden. The Republicans on the other hand are praying that Biden is kept in the Democrat ticket.

Biden: “We have a thousand trillionaires in America.”

On the other side of the podium was someone who was quick on the mark, decisive, quick-witted and fast with his answers. President Trump basically cleaned the floor with this guy, and ran rings around him.

The Democrats were literally cringing at how bad Biden performed. The Democrat Party is now scrambling to find a new thing to replace Joe Biden, and have come up with a potato.

“We’re gonna put a potato with Fusarium on the podium, and it will do better than Joe Biden,” Budd Dwyer, the chief Democrat election campaign manager, told CNN on Friday.

Just imagine Robert De Niro at home literally pulling his hair out, and you will get an idea about what is actually going on.

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