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POLLS: Biden Popularity Now Lower Than Dog Shit

WASHINGTON DC - USA - According to recent polls, Americans rate stepping in dog shit higher than Joe Biden's approval ratings.

Who is “The Big Guy” in 120,000 Hunter Biden Emails?

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Someone out there must know who the Big Guy is in leaked emails from Hunter Biden's laptop?

Demented Biden Was Shaking the Hands of Ghosts Who Voted For...

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Paranormal experts reveal that Joe Biden was talking to ghosts after another one of his disastrous speeches.

U.S. Midterms? It’s an Absolute No-Brainer

PHILADELPHIA - USA - As the Midterm elections are coming up soon, the Democrats seem a little scared. There's nothing to be scared about Democrats. Look at the Dem run cities for inspiration.

Maricopa Fraud: Media Ignores Facts That Show U.S. Electoral System Not...

ARIZONA - USA - The Maricopa County Audit found over 40,000 instances of voter fraud which is being ignored by political parties and news agencies in the country.

We’re All Begging Meghan Markle to Apply For U.S. Presidency

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Many, including us, are begging Meghan Markle to apply as a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

Maricopa Audit: “What’s the Point in Finding Widespread Voter Fraud When...

PHOENIX - USA - Despite massive instances of voter fraud being found in the Maricopa audit relating to the 2020 general election, nothing will be done.

Biden Opens the Gates to America For Disease, Crime, Welfare Tourism

ARIZONA - USA - Biden has opened the borders for millions of South Americans to surge into the country from some of the poorest countries in the world.

Biden Thinking About Impeaching Himself

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden is thinking about impeaching himself such are the crimes and corruption he has been party to throughout his career.

Election Fraud: Swamp Creature ‘journalist’ Reamed by Senator Rand Paul

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Senator Rand Paul showed ABC socialist activist George Stephanopoulos where to go with his biased partisan opinion.

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