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Why Americans Don’t Have the Guts For “Civil War” Any More

LOS ANGELES - USA - Americans don't have the impetus or guts to conduct a civil war any more.

Every day one reads of Trump supporters, or certain sections of these supporters, threatening “civil war” if The Don loses the election. The truth is, these are just a small section of the Trump circus, and at the end of the day they would not have the guts or the military knowledge to start or conduct any form of “civil war”.

“It’s okay folks, nothing to see here”

Nothing will happen when Trump loses the election simply because Americans are more concerned with their mortgages, car payments, college fees, vacations, families, pensions, bills, and cable TV prescriptions than anything else. The population of the USA has been watered down and sedated by decades of fast food, entertainment and apathy. There is little or no vigour to truly change things in a society lobotomised by social media and other drugs, literal or figurative. Cowardice, in this case exemplifies the somnolence of an American population chained firmly to their material wealth, their generic row upon row McMansions all painted the same insipid grey colour, their perfectly cut front lawns, and those vast food warehouses they all drive to in their huge gas-guzzling SUVs where one can find ten thousand types of breakfast cereal or any other item you may ever care to imagine.

There is no appetite for a civil war let alone any war, and the onus now is to simply surrender to the status quo, to be content with what is given to you because the alternative choices are hell of a lot worse.

If one analyses much of the American population one will find huge cracks within their society, political fissures that may possibly never be healed, but this is no reason for civil unrest, especially when there are global conflicts edging towards American concerns daily.

Election fearmongering of course is rife on both sides of the political divide, but that is all it is, barking words of fear and constructed lies as election propaganda.

Simply put, no, there will be no second American Civil War. It would take too much effort and work, and the demoralised US population has no appetite for real change, they much prefer the superficial progressive agenda to all out civil war.

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