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Biden Runs Out of Baby Formula

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Joe Biden has run out of baby formula after a serious nationwide shortage has hit the country.

Who is “The Big Guy” in 120,000 Hunter Biden Emails?

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Someone out there must know who the Big Guy is in leaked emails from Hunter Biden's laptop?

Demented Biden Was Shaking the Hands of Ghosts Who Voted For...

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Paranormal experts reveal that Joe Biden was talking to ghosts after another one of his disastrous speeches.

Ouch! EU Now Has to Pay For Gas With Russian Rubles

BRUSSELS - EU - As the Russian currency sails high once again, Putin is making the EU pay for its gas in rubles.

World Leaders: “For God’s Sake, Biden Cannot Stay in Power”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The world is in a perilous state as loose-cannon Joe Biden goads on Putin with dangerous rhetoric. We have two very dangerous men now with fingers on the nuclear button prepared for WW3.

Grandmaster Putin Moves Troops Into Ukraine – West Impotent

DONETSK - Russia - Grandmaster Putin has pulled off another geopolitical master stroke as Russian troops move into former Ukrainian territory.

Walking Disaster Biden Wants War With Russia

WASHINGTON D.C. -USA - Demented and psychologically deranged Biden actually wants a war with Russia as his reckless inaction has demonstrated.

Biden: “I’m Warning You Putin. If You Invade I Will...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Biden warns Putin that he will do nothing if he invades Ukraine.

Top Generals Have to Constantly Stop Deranged Biden Pressing Nuke Button

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe Biden has to be monitored 24/7 by aides because he keeps on trying to press the nuke button.

Why No One Ever Talks About Ashley Biden’s “Inappropriate Showers With...

DELAWARE - USA - Why are the American press and society in general ignoring the plight of Ashley Biden and her inappropriate showers?

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