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Why Democrats Must Keep Biden as Election Candidate

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - It is important that the Democrats keep Biden on as their election candidate for a very good reason.

The Democrats must keep Biden as election candidate for the upcoming US Elections in November. It is crucial that Joe Biden is the primary candidate in the Democrat Party election ticket for a very important reason.

Yes, there are serious concerns to the mental state and decline of Biden, who is effectively a shuffling cadaver being led around on a leash by his pushy, cruel wife, but that is no reason to dump the mummified corpse of a man who brings vast comedic qualities to the election campaign.

We need more comedy and laughter in this insipid, boring humourless woke world, and Biden brings that in comedic fashion.

Gaslighting dumb deluded Democrat voters

It is also highly entertaining to watch the deluded Democrats defending Biden at every turn, which sort of reinforces the idea that a potato could do a better job than their erroneous pick. If a potato was on the electoral ticket, the Dems would vote for that as well, such is their level of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

The remnants of Sleepy Joe’s brain could squelch out of his left earhole and plop onto the floor on stage during one of the presidential debates, and the Democrat voters would still support and vote for him with no question.

America and the world needs another four years of Joe Biden mumbling incoherently, talking to the air and shuffling around not knowing where he is or what he is saying while unknown people run the actual show from behind the scenes, every day bringing us closer to WW3.

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