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Macron F*cked! Le Pen Wins First Round French Election

PARIS - France - The game is up for Emmanuel Macron as Le Pen wins the first round of the French election.

The French people are sending a serious message to Emmanuel Macron, the current President of France — Fuck You Macron! Turnout for the election has been extremely high for the first round. Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (NR), according to exit polls, has surged ahead in the first round with over 30% of the vote at the snap French legislative election. Le Pen wins a convincing majority of the vote.

The second round of the French election will naturally see some tactical voting to somehow stop the right wing Le Pen party from winning. The second round of voting will take place on July 7 which will confirm the result.

Le Pen called on voters to give the National Rally an “absolute majority” at parliament.

The leftists are of course in a state of panic as Le Pen wins and will have to pull out every trick from their handbags to stop the National Rally party from winning.

Le Pen’s National Rally has been labelled as “extreme far right” but can a political party be “far right” if Le Pen supports Israel and the Jews? If a party is receiving over 30% of the vote, they should not also be labelled as extreme or fringe, but the hard leftists utilise this technique as a form of propaganda. Anything that is edgy these days is labelled as “anti-establishment” and is attacked fiercely by the leftists who control all media.

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