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Wealthy are Leaving Labour Britain: Is it Too Late to Move Assets Out of UK?

LONDON - England - Many businesses and wealthy have already left Britain. Is it too late to move everything you own out of the UK?

Thousands of wealthy Britons and savers are moving their assets and wealth to other countries as the election of the Labour government is imminent. The wealthy are leaving Labour Britain. The election on the 4th of July will be a moment many will want to forget, as they sell their businesses and properties, fleeing abroad. There is also set to be a massive brain drain as thousands of professionals, doctors, surgeons, financial workers all move out of the UK to countries that will not rob them blind with inhibitive taxes. As the election looms, is it too late now to make a move out of the UK, and where to go?

Is it too late?

Labour, once in power, will kill off all forms of aspiration with their punitive taxation policies and will utilise stealth taxes to strip wealth from many families who have been diligent in saving and working hard to earn their money. For many Britons, the Labour tax will punish many families needlessly, and this can be seen in their private school fees tax as a prime example of how things for many families will become untenable. It is not too late to move, so start preparing right now. The only people who vote for Labour are communists and people who have nothing to lose.

New Zealand
New Zealand

What to do? It is not too late to make a move right now, because the punitive Labour tax schemes will need at least a few months to get started punishing people.

Sell up, sell everything you have. Sell your business, sell your home, your belongings, your cars. It is easier to make a major move out of the UK if you are light on belongings. There is a very good reason that the wealthy are leaving Labour Britain, they see what is coming. You must also begin to research many key points about the place you wish to move to.

Gold Coast, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia

How to Move Abroad

1. Ensure Legal Permission:
– Verify that you are legally allowed to work in your new country.
– Secure a job before moving if possible, though job offers may be contingent on obtaining a work visa.

2. Work Visa Requirements:
– Some countries issue work visas only for certain in-demand skills or industries (e.g., engineers in Australia).
– Visa eligibility may also depend on your financial status or age.

3. Prepare Your CV:
– Tailor your CV for the international market, emphasizing language skills if applicable.
– Be ready for your UK qualifications to be scrutinized.

4. Move Your Finances:
– Open an overseas bank account before you move, if possible.
– Consult your current bank for assistance in setting up an account in your destination country.

5. Find Accommodation:
– Decide whether to rent or buy. Most expats rent initially.
– Research the property market in your new country.

6. Address Your UK Property:
– If renting, notify your landlord and adhere to lease conditions.
– If owning, decide whether to sell or rent out your property. Ensure your home insurance covers an unoccupied property if needed.

7. Transfer Money Efficiently:
– Avoid expensive and slow bank transfers. Use specialist money transfer services.

8. Apply for a Stop-Gap Card:
– Get an overseas credit or prepaid card without foreign transaction fees for immediate expenses.

9. Consider Tax Obligations:
– You may still owe UK taxes on income generated there. It is better to sell everything in the UK because under Labour you will lose a large portion of your wealth.
– Research the tax system in your new country and register with local tax authorities.

10. Sort Out Your Pension:
– Arrange for state and private pensions to be paid to your new account.
– Note that state pension increases may not apply overseas.

11. Investigate Healthcare Costs:
– EU residents can access local healthcare with an EHIC.
– Outside the EU, consider private health insurance to cover medical costs.

12. Seek Financial Assistance:
– Check if you qualify for local government assistance, especially if you have a family or work in the public sector.

13. Rebuild Your Credit History:
– Start building credit from scratch in your new country.
– Save emergency funds to cover expenses, as you may not have immediate access to credit.

14. Meet Entry Requirements:
– Understand and comply with immigration and visa requirements for your destination country.

15. Popular Expat Destinations:
– Australia: Secure a work visa and job before moving.
– Canada: Plan for immigration processes and local culture.
– European Union: Easier move, but still requires planning.
– New Zealand: Visa depends on employment and skills.
– USA: Obtain necessary paperwork and plan carefully.

By following these steps, you can streamline your transition to working and living abroad, leaving the hell of a Britain under the iron grip of a punitive profligate, Labour government.

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