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Mass Exodus as Comrade Starmer Kills Off Private Schools

GLOUCESTER - England - Private schools are to be condemned to the scrap heap in Labour's Britain as Comrade Starmer will bring in a huge tax raid.

Already there is a stampede out of private schools across the country as parents will be forced to pay VAT on school fees. Comrade Starmer, the staunch Marxist leader of Labour, is heading for an election win. Labour are polling way ahead of the Tories, and the fervour to soak the rich is a serious agenda.

One day little Johnny will be enjoying his activities and tutelage in his £35,000 per annum school, and the next he is spirited out of his privileged surroundings to some dingy comprehensive with his posh voice and ideals way out of the norm. Naturally, little Johnny will get the living shit kicked out of him within minutes of landing in his new school, and from then on a daily beating will be promptly meted out. His hard-working parents just could not afford to pay the additional 20% tax on his fees.

The only viable option for parents in the current situation is to possibly leave the country for a while and find a place that does not punish private education establishments, or home school their child.

As a consequence of the Labour Marxist purge, many private schools will be forced to close down forever. Adverse reactions will also occur in state schools, which are already oversubscribed due to mass immigration and underfunded. The massive exodus from private schools to state schools will thus create a huge overcrowding problem that will affect all schools across the country.

Soaking the rich is a socialist wet dream that is now coming true across Britain, and will change the entire landscape of the country. Aspiration is already at an all-time low in high tax socialist Tory Britain, but it will get a lot worse under the hard leftist Marxist Woke Labour Party led by Comrade Starmer.


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