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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Rishi Sunak’s Irresponsible Money Giveaway Means Future Ruinous Tax Rises

LONDON - England - The vast money giveaway by the government during the coronavirus purge will result in ruinous tax rises for the future.

The Indomitable Gauls ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Triumph Against Caesar Macron

PARIS - France - The indomitable Gaul Gilets Jaunes have a secret weapon they have been using against Caesar Macron's centurions.

T-TAX : London Mayor Punishing the Poor and Elderly

LONDON - England - The new directive from Labour's London Mayor is yet another attack on the poor and elderly.

EXODUS: Where to Go If High Tax Jeremy Corbyn Wins Election?

LONDON - England - Under the regime of Jeremy Corbyn's Marxist Collectivist Soviet rule, Britain would have the highest taxes in the Western world.

Why Boycotting BBC Licence is Only Way to Induce Change

LONDON - England - Already millions of people are not paying the BBC licence fee, a tax that is imposed on the population of Britain even though many do not watch the BBC or even connect their TVs to the network.

Tax Slaves Should Be Honoured For Giving Lives For Nothing Says...

LONDON - England - An unemployed man has come to the realisation that people who work for most of the year to pay tax should be honoured some how by the state for giving themselves selflessly to the state as a lifelong tax slave.

EU Wide Tax ID Numbers Planned Keeping Track of Every Citizen...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Orwell could not have put it any better, the EU is planning a European Tax ID scheme that will keep track of all citizens within the European Union.

Emma Watson Named in Panama Papers

LONDON - England - The Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson has been named in the leaked Panama papers relating to offshore bank accounts.

Vote Leave FACTS: Big Businesses Use EU Law to Claim Billions...

LONDON - England - New research by Vote Leave shows how big multinational businesses have used rulings by the European Court of Justice to cut their tax bills and reclaim billions of pounds from the UK Government.

Why Offshore Tax Evasion is Not Really That Bad a Thing

LONDON - England - If you're really rich, like really, really rich, then why throw your money away? Especially if you are domiciled in a heavily socialist country where people are taxed to death.

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