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Sadiq Khan Planning Pay-Per-Mile Scheme With ULEZ Cameras

LONDON - England - The punitive ULEZ extension charge is going to also be a Pay-Per-Mile scheme for all motorists in the capital city.

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As well as punishing the poor who cannot afford to upgrade their old vehicles, the ULEZ zone being implemented by Little Hitler Mayor Sadiq Khan will soon implement a Pay-Per-Mile scheme for all London drivers.

TFL will rake in millions of pounds per day with the ULEZ scheme, and once the P-P-M scheme comes into use, billions of pounds will be taken from motorists in London.

This is nothing about ‘air quality’ which the evil mayor claims, but is purely a money making operation to fleece Londoners out of more money.

The victims of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion include a woman facing £650 annual costs to visit her sick relative, nurses and care workers who will not be able to afford to give care, and a tradesman who will be billed over £3000 per year just to do his job.

The elderly victims of the extended ULEZ scheme will become more isolated, as their relatives will not be able to afford to visit them anymore. Many Londoners are disabled, elderly or have conditions which need a carer, these are the people who will be punished most by the ULEZ extension.

Hypocritical Hounslow Council accepted the nefarious ULEZ extension but called for an exemption of the charge for their 400 council vehicles. Bexley, Bromley, Harrow and Hillingdon councils have all vowed to go to the courts to fight this abomination of a road tax scheme.

Sadiq Khan who was voted in twice to be London Mayor is planning the introduction of the Pay-Per-Mile scheme that will track and charge every single vehicle in London by 2024. It will not matter if vehicles are ULEZ compliant, but will charge and track all motorists whether driving all electric or petrol vehicles. Some of the pricing models discussed at TFL meetings is charging certain vehicles as much as £6.50 per mile, on top of £12.50/day ULEZ charges.

Campaigners have been covering ULEZ cameras across London. Some are clipping the wires of the cameras or using bags and boxes to cover the cameras in protest. Using telescopic garden shears to clip the wires is one way to disable the cameras. Other methods are spray-painting the lenses with black permanent paint.

The real crime is that Sadiq Khan was voted into office for the second time. Who were these people who voted for this cockroach? Hold your head in shame if you voted for Sadiq Khan, drop down on your knees and grovel for forgiveness that may never come.

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