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London Mayor Bans England Flag But Hamas Flag Okay

LONDON - England - Sadiq Khan who is meant to be Mayor of London has banned cabbies from flying the English flag to support the football team.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who hates England and the English, has banned London cabbies from displaying the English flag, but Palestinian, ISIS or Hamas flags are perfectly okay to fly. London black cabbies are outraged as the mayor bans England flag.

During football tournaments like the current Euro 2024 London cabbies traditionally like to display their patriotism and support for the England team but because Sadiq Khan is now the totalitarian mayor of London for the third fucking time, he has ordered London black cabbies to hide their England flags.

“I am the Mayor of London, which is the capital city of a country that I detest and hate with a vengeance. Fuck the English people. Fuck England! This is why, when I was installed as London Mayor, I made it my job to create an environment of hate against anything English and to introduce as much crime as possible. The idea is to subvert and destroy London so it will be a place that is a living hell for many. I think I have succeeded in my mission. As for the silly English scum London black cabbies, London black cab taxi drivers cannot fly the England flag, or they will have their licences revoked. If however they want to wave a Hamas flag, a zombie knife or AK-47, that’s fine in my book.”


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