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London Has Fallen!

LONDON - England - Sadiq Khan has won a third term as Mayor. London Has Fallen!

As predicted correctly by the Squib, rat Sadiq Khan has won a third term as Mayor of London. One can only come to the horrid conclusion that London Has Fallen!


One has to wonder what type of people populate the capital city to vote for a piece of detritus like Sadiq Khan three fucking times? What sort of masochistic filthy loser would stoop to such a low level and have morals or standards lower than any human on earth?

Gross negligence

The disgraceful intransigence and calamitous negligence of Sadiq Khan over three entire terms as Mayor of London are seen today in the streets of the capital city where crime is endemic, where houses are burgled sometime two or three times a week, where businesses have no control over shoplifting and where the police stand by whilst antisemitic extremists hunt Jews down with extreme prejudice. The capital city is lost, and Khan’s evil ULEZ scheme will be the precursor to a planned ‘pay per mile’ that will make the already strained lives of Londoners even more unliveable.

High treason

Well, there it is, the rat has won a third term, and the deluded arse fuckers who voted for this abomination in for a third term should pat themselves on the back for killing off the capital city once and for all…scratch that, they should all be hanged, drawn and quartered, each and every one of them.

London Has Fallen!


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