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Rat Sadiq Khan Set to Win Again as Mayor of London

LONDON - England - The vile reign of rat Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London will probably continue, much to the detriment to safety and wealth.

Anyone who votes for rat Sadiq Khan for a third term as Mayor of London is a masochistic stupid moronic turd, but with inevitable idiocy, the filthy rat will probably be re-elected because London is a ruined capital city itself populated by rats.

“I will impose a ULEZ increase in daily charges and fines. I will turn a blind eye to the violent crime in every London street. I will introduce a pay-per-mile scheme from ULEZ. I will make your lives a daily fucking misery with insane transport costs, insane council tax hikes, insane levels of useless bureaucracy, and we need more shoplifting, burglaries, muggings and zombie knife stabbings. Vote for me, so I can sit in my office and receive a huge salary to do fuck all!” Khan told a London Assembly group on Friday.


Under Sadiq Khan crime on the London Underground has risen by 75%, and last year alone knife crime rose by 20% in the desecrated capital city. Burglaries and mugging have increased by over 65%. Shoplifting has increased by 45%.

Under the vile rat rule of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London you will be lucky to only get three or four stabbings in your local area every week, and if you yourself receive a massive zombie knife plunged into your liver whilst walking to your local shop to get some eggs, count yourself fucking lucky, you won’t have to live another awful day in London under the incompetent apathetic diabolical mayoral reign of rat Sadiq Khan.

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