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Chavs Getting Ready For Comeback Under Labour Government

FILTHINGTON - England - The incoming Labour government also means a resurgence of chavs on our streets.

The word on the street is that Chavs from the Tony Blair Labour era are readying themselves for a comeback when Labour wins the election. This event would be another cultural shift backwards for British society, but would be embraced by the Labour government in no uncertain terms.

Class War

It is inevitable that under the new Labour regime, class war will once again rear its ugly head in the UK. Of course, it will be interspersed with race war and the usual LGBTQP agenda. The underclass subculture of the chavs will reassert its hold on the psyche of the British people once again.

What defined the torrid Blair years; things like the introduction of speedy mass unfettered immigration from some of the poorest EU countries, the Iraq war, debt, youth knife crime, happy slapping, bad fake tans, Burberry, ASBOS and chavs, will no doubt be mirrored by Keir Starmer’s upcoming reign of terror.

Sadly, the Blair era ASBO is now a mere forgotten memory but may instead be replaced with another acronym, maybe something like ASDA.

“Education, education, education!”

What will be the Keir ‘Storming’ Starmer mantra of the new era? Repeating the word ‘education’ three times sort of gave away Blair’s penchant for ‘indoctrination’ more than anything else. His Labour government did not want the citizen to think for themselves, but merely to follow without question.

Latin for Chavs

There will be no Borisian amo, amas, amat but under Labour, it will be chavo, chavas, chavat.

Britain’s subclasses are a very important part of Labour’s growth plan because they are the only section of the population who are breeding. This mass breeding by the Untermensch subclasses coupled with mass migration are the only things propping up the country according to Labour masterminds who will run Britain further into the ground.




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