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Why Instagram Whores Are Cheap, Vulgar and Uncool

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Instagram whores are the epitome of a banal vulgar narcissistic plastic baseness that is inherently uncool.

The very essence and creation of Instagram was predicated on the exploitation of the narcissist, the banal, and vulgar. Its primary function is to cheapen and subvert humans to present reality as fiction and to change their fundamental nature to the utmost base mediocrity, debasing them with material, shallow narcissism. At the heart of this diabolical concoction of horror is the Instagram whore, who lives for selfies, who craves constant attention and has cheapened themselves to the lowest common denominator. You think you’re cool — well, you’re not.

As is the case in all of these evil social media platforms, validation comes in the form of ‘views’, ‘fans’ and ‘likes’ which can all be bought by the million from one of the multiple online shops selling social media ‘popularity’. What the Instagram whores who inhabit the horrible site do not realise is that the more ‘popular’ they are, the deeper they have dug a hole for themselves in the swamp of uncoolness and grotesqueness.

You are an Instagram whore, in other words, you are a despicable human being. Your tiny brain only functions for ‘likes’, a constant poisonous drip of affirmation and saccharin serotonin hit. You have to post what you had for lunch, and how you look in different locations/scenarios. Your pathetic life is so shallow it has been denigrated to the level of a number amongst millions of like-minded lemmings all doing the same thing every day, every month, every year of your useless lifespan.

As a vulgar Instagram whore, you have zero dignity and zero credibility within the human species. You have zero purpose apart from being just another lemming doing something millions of other lemmings have been conditioned and brainwashed to do at the same time. You are not unique in any way, and when you finally shuffle off this mortal coil, that fucking Instagram account you created will be your final epitaph of mediocrity and soulless plastic narcissistic death.

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