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Piece of Sh*t has 900,000 Instagram Followers Who are Obsessed With Its Sh*tty Shape

BURNLEY - England - A piece of sh*t, lovingly called Turdy has become an Instagram sensation with 900,000 followers.

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One of the world’s most unusual pieces of shit has gone viral over its unique shitty consistency and shape.

Turdy the Magnificent Piece of Shit has nearly 900,000 follows on Instagram, with fans obsessing over the unparalleled piece of excrement.

But it’s far from its toilet years, according to Turdy’s account owner.

The six-year-old turd from Burnley, England, has become an internet sensation after its owner started sharing pictures and videos of it online.

Turdy the Magnificent Piece of Shit has nearly 900,000 follows on Instagram. Fans have become obsessed with its fluffy, squishy consistency of shit.

“Nothing makes this piece of shit more confident than being photographed for Instagram,” said the Twitter account WeRateShits, awarding Turdy a 13 out of 10 score.

Turdy’s owner, Nigel, said: “Turdy has more personality and is more mature than most people on Instagram.”

“I don’t know why it’s so popular, maybe because the fake plastic shallow soulless world of Instagram and social networks is so banal and awful that a piece of shit can receive so many followers.”

Turdy’s most popular post has almost 600,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising its unique look.

‘I saw a video of it sitting there for 9 hours. During the seventh hour, a blue bottle fly, lovingly called Calliphora vomitoria, landed on it. I actually screamed out aloud in excitement,’ said one fan.

Another video shows Turdy displayed on a bean bag as the Instagram likes can be seen on a screen coming in their thousands in real time.

One fan even commented, “I would forfeit all my assets to that piece of shit,” while another called the turd a ‘distinguished gentle shit of our times’.

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  1. You have to admit it’s a pretty handsome piece of doggy doo. It sure sums up Instagram and its users in one solid dump.

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