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“The Rack” Makes a Comeback Thanks to the Snap-Happy Instagram Generation

SCUNTHORPE - England - The infamous medieval torture device "The Rack" has made a comeback with the Instagram generation.

Once considered a relic of medieval brutality, the infamous torture device known as “The Rack” is experiencing a revival among the Instagram generation, sparking a macabre fascination with historical torment and extracting confessions from people.

Perceived as a bygone quirk of old-fashioned British quaintness, “The Rack” was a formidable instrument of torture employed for hundreds of years in the castles and dungeons of Britain and Europe.


Restaurants, cafés, and even some hotels are witnessing a surge in interest, with bookings for “Rack experiences” on the rise. Sales of themed torture hampers, complete with implements of agony, are skyrocketing.

A recent survey conducted by the historical torture equipment emporium Torture-Masters Ltd. revealed that out of 2,000 individuals aged 25-34, a staggering 43 percent had commemorated special occasions with a session on “The Rack.”

Supermarkets have reported a 600 percent increase in searches for information about “The Rack,” while sales of torture-themed hampers have seen an 80 percent year-on-year increase.

Experts in medieval torture techniques attribute this resurgence to the allure of capturing such experiences for social media, with themes such as “Medieval Madness” and “Torture Time Travel” proving particularly photogenic.

Sarah Smith, head of product development at TortureCo, remarked, “Customers view ‘The Rack’ not merely as a historical artifact but as an opportunity to share a unique moment of suffering posted for the Instagram generation.”

the rack instagram selfie

Instagram influencer, Rupert Nymans, 23, took numerous selfies whilst being stretched on ‘The Rack’ and as a result he racked up 50,000 likes and 20,000 subs.

“Not only that, but I used to be 4″8, and now I’m 6″4. I actually managed to get a date with a girl after many years of trying. Although extremely painful, the overall experience has been great. Can’t wait to try out the “Iron Maiden” for my next Instagram shoot.”

Ben Barnes, founder of Torture Treats, which operates torture-themed cafés at historical sites, added, “The sight of stretched limbs, agonised expressions, and a celebratory toast to pain make for compelling Instagram content that gets some serious likes.”

The Royal Family has also played a role in bringing this ancient tradition back into the spotlight. Following a televised event in June 2022 where the late Queen participated in a demonstration of “The Rack” with a historical reenactor, interest surged.

Barnes noted, “We observed a significant increase in inquiries for ‘Rack experiences’ during and after the Queen’s demonstration in 2022, as well as during King Charles’s coronation in 2023, attracting not only foreign tourists but also locals.”

As interest in “The Rack” resurges, there is a spirited debate about whether the torture implements need updating or if traditional methods should be preserved.

Purists argue for authenticity, citing historical accounts of agonising torture sessions. However, proponents of modernisation advocate for the inclusion of contemporary elements such as cocktails, cold cuts, and even hummus to enhance the overall torture experience, all consumed to the soundtrack of Agadoo by 80s pop band Black Lace.

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