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World Cup Final: What a Game!

LUSAIL STADIUM - Qatar - The 2022 World Cup was witness to one of the most amazing finals in football history.

World Cup final games are usually boring defensive snore festivals, albeit with a little tension at the end when it comes to the final crunch, either with a little extra time or penalties coming up with an ultimate winner. This year’s World Cup final was an entirely different affair. The game was a nail-biting display of some amazing football, skills and tactics all rolled into one explosive package of end-to-end play that kept on surprising the crowd at each turn of events.

Team Sheet

Argentina: Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolas Tagliafico; Angel Di Maria, Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Julián Álvarez, Lionel Messi.

France: Hugo Lloris; Jules Koundé, Raphael Varane, Dayot Upamecano, Theo Hernandez; Aurélien Tchouaméni, Antoine Griezmann, Adrien Rabiot; Ousmane Dembélé, Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud.

Wow! What a Game!

In fact, this entire World Cup has been one of upsets, of high calibre first world teams like Germany, Portugal and Spain humiliated by the underdog African teams, and Asian teams. Morocco, Japan were some of the highlights that stood out.

Lionel Messi was making his 26th appearance in the Qatar World Cup and was up against French counterpart Kylian Mbappé.

Messi started off the scoring bonanza with a penalty for Argentina, and soon after Angel Di Maria made it 2-0.

At this point, many thought France had lost the will to do anything but they came back spectacularly with an Mbappé penalty during the second half, and made it 2-2 with an amazing scooping volley into goal only a minute after his successful penalty. What an incredible fightback, and France was back in the game with a sure fire chance of winning.

The 88,966 crowd at Lusail Stadium were almost electric with frenzied vigour as extra time play began. When Messi scored another one during extra time, one can imagine the crowds in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina all going insane with joy. The French of course with luck pulled another one out of the bag with another Mbappé penalty making it 3-3. This thing was now going to go to penalties for sure.

The nail-biting penalties eventually found a winner as Argentina finally prevailed. 4-2 to Argentina.

Messi achieved what Maradona did in 1986 and dominated a World Cup for Argentina. He scored seven goals, and is surely guaranteed a place as one of the highest footballers.

One must attest to the fighting spirit of the French team during the final to come back and nearly win despite the odds being against them. Certainly, these boys were not ‘surrender monkeys’ and deserve recognition for their immense efforts.

The Argentinian team will surely enjoy the $42 million prize money, as will France, who received $30 million.

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