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Democrats Only Looking For Presidential Candidates With Advanced Dementia From Now On

LONDON - England - From now on the Democrat Party will only be looking for presidential candidates with severe advanced dementia.

The extreme success of having an empty shell walking corpse like Joe Biden in the White House has affirmed the swamp’s decision in choosing this type of presidential candidate.

“It’s a case of having something there that we control completely. Biden is perfect because his brain has deteriorated to the point that he can only parrot what the swamp tells him to say. The FBI, and all other agencies within the deep swamp certainly do not want a president with a mind of their own. Remember that allegedly, the FBI has now been infiltrated by politically biased Marxist activists who are not only aligned to the far-left Democrat party but protect it along with domestic terrorist groups like ANTIFA. Political impartiality is now a thing of the past, and US governmental agencies within the Deep State/Swamp are now deemed as arms of the Democrat political apparatus,” a Capitol Hill insider revealed.

Where does this leave the Republican Party and its sphere of influence within the political field? One must first ask, what Republican Party? If we are talking about the RINOS or Neocons, who seem to have taken over, then one can surmise that the Republican Party no longer exists. Much like the socialist Conservative Party in Britain has purged the traditionalists and installed unelected progressive Marxist autocrats aligned with the EU hierarchy into office.

“If we lose Biden, as his body succumbs to death, we need to have another empty carcass as a candidate in the wings. Remember, anyone with a fully functioning brain is a serious blockade to our lines of communication and ultimate control,” a member of the Deep State revealed.

Democracy and fair general elections in the West are also now things of the past, and we will unfortunately see an increase in totalitarianism and proliferation of Marxist ideology. Once freedom of speech and Democracy are lost, they are lost forever. The silence is deafening, as many decent people who can see what is happening are choosing to allow the death of democracy to occur.

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