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Comrade Starmer: “You Must be Prepared to Give Up Your Wealth”

SCUNTHORPE - England - Comrade Starmer of the Labour Party has outlined his 20-year-plan. You must thus be prepared to give up your wealth for the greater good.

Comrades, for the greater good and Labour’s 20-year-plan of collectivism and wealth redistribution, you, the British taxpayer who may have worked hard all your life, paid your taxes, and saved some of your wealth — must relinquish this wealth to people who have never worked and have shunned work. The bourgeoisie must prepare themselves to be stripped of their wealth, assets and power over those who do not have the ability to create wealth. Now is the time to prepare yourself to give up all your wealth and assets to the state.

Eradicating all aspiration

keir starmer soviet communist bannerThere are millions of people in the UK who are not capable of creating wealth, these are people who have never bothered to pass exams or receive an education, instead opting for a life of poverty, crime and insolence. These are our people, and we will re-direct the wealth you and your family have worked for generations into their pockets so they can fritter it away just as they have done all their lives on booze, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and having a good time.

The despicable British royal family and last remaining aristocrats, or ancestors of aristocrats feverishly holding onto their land, are parasites to the communist ideals we uphold. We will target these parasitical scum until they are eradicated and impoverished. No longer shall the state furnish their disgusting lifestyles. The private schools of these scum will also cease to exist after our purge. Most of all, Britain’s royal family are a symbol that is anathema to our communist ideals, and we will make their palaces and gardens accessible to all.

Equality through poverty

After the first ten years of our program of communist collectivism, there will not be any wealthy or aspiring people in Britain. This will be our success as a Labour government to bring equality to everyone in the UK — equality in poverty.

Britain’s primary wealth is held in property prices — we will ensure this is reversed and through heavy taxation and regulation we will crash the entire system so no one can profit from property ownership. We will abolish and criminalise all landlords. Your pensions will be taxed by over 70%. Your income will be taxed by over 90%. Your business will be taxed by 80%. Fuel duty may be already high at 70% of the cost of petrol, but we will increase it to 95% which will make it not possible to drive any petrol fuelled vehicle in the UK. We will increase inheritance tax to 95% and lower the threshold to £40,000 property value, seizing homes, and closing all loopholes. These are just some of the changes we will implement to rob you completely of your wealth and redirect it to the state.

keir starmer soviet 20-year-plan - communism

Wealth and assets stripped by the state

Comrades, Commissars and Bolshevik warriors of the left, our socialist dream is coming true, and you will be happy you voted us in to impoverish you for the next few decades. This will all be disguised as the Great Reset, Net Zero, New Green Deal, Build Back Better which is simply Marxist ideology under different names. All it means is that the majority of the population will have their wealth and assets stripped by the state, and the only ones who will benefit will be Labour Party higher ups, QUANGOS and fat cat Labour council chiefs.

Britain will finally embrace its communist ideals which we have yearned for since the late 19th century, and early 20th century when Marxism and communism were birthed in this very country. Karl Marx, in fact, wrote most of his communist manifestos in Highgate, London, where he is buried.

Soaking the rich

Why is wealth concentrated in the South of the UK? We do not care why, but all we know is we will bring equilibrium to Britain by soaking the rich in the South and redistributing their wealth equally up North.

The only people who will vote for our party are those who have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, when the bourgeoisie are robbed of their last remaining wealth. Yes, some will vote because they are communists, and socialists, and some will vote for us because they are low-information superficial and stupid people, but this is the crux of our great victory in making the UK a full communist country which will be reintegrated into the EU fully.

We will see you there comrades, we will be with you at the polling stations as you tick the Labour vote and reap the punishments of your stupidity for the next two or three decades.

Positive Poverty Inclusivity Training

In preparation for a Labour election win Harwood College in Manchester is enrolling students in a new four-year-vocational accredited degree course called: Positivity in Negative Wealth, Transgenderism and Poverty Inclusivity Training. The course will be rolled out across all UK educational establishments in November.

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