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General Election: “Whoever Wins, We Lose!”

LONDON - England - The upcoming general election will be just another exercise in much of the same. Whoever wins, we lose.

Much is the same in any general election in Britain, the plebs are touted with all manner of goodies that are unobtainable or at the very least semi-obtainable, but due to “time constraints” post election those wonderful manifesto promises somehow disappear into the ether. It is the unreachable height of that immutable carrot dangling from a stick that attracts the voter every time. Such is the malaise within this eternal sham of fleeting electoral drama that the only valid conclusion can be summed up in one phrase: “whoever wins, we lose”.

Whoever Wins, We Lose

Much like fish taking the bait, or the mouse taking the piece of cheese, the voter chooses a side to vote on, and thus is suckered every single time. The process is almost akin to clockwork, and has been honed over centuries by the various coteries of rulers, politicians and civil servants working behind the scenes.

Whoever you vote for, does not matter in the least because the people behind the scenes stay the same. Different public faces blurting out the same tired old rhetoric does not change a thing either.

general election

Britons and their masochistic penchant for self punishment are a funny lot, simply because they are completely blind to their electoral stupidity. This is why real effective change is never achieved for the better, and instead the eternal stasis of misery and bitter punishment always presides.

One could possibly explain the British masochistic trait through history, serfdom and such, but the concept of real freedom is an erroneous one to the constantly enslaved. We found this very concept alive and well when supposedly leaving the enslaving master — the EU. People were outraged that the prison doors of the EU were opened, their utter enslavement with their EU masters was so complete that they rejected their freedom. You see, it is engrained in the British psyche to be ruled over by a tight straining fist, and at that time, the EU was their beloved jailer. When that jailer was taken away from the Remainers, they were furious, they could not conceive any form of life away from their EU prison. Much is the same in the general election in Britain, where the concept of not voting Labour, and not voting Conservative, or for any other party for that matter, which would inherit the exact same engrained socialist governmental structure as before, is an anathema.

Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system is one that does not allow deviation from the norm, therefore this is another reason why we have more of the same punishment at every general election. One could say that this is a good thing because it preserves some sort of normalcy and reliable consistency, however so does dictatorship and so does the misery of the same thing being voted in time and time again.

Whoever wins the next general election will matter to those who do not think deeply enough or who simply follow others blindly and without question. For the minority who do like to exercise their braincells and do have knowledge of a better existence, the next election will simply be an exercise in falsity, a ruse, an elaborate ritual in feigning change, a political opera of sorts that ultimately changes nothing to anyone.

Consider this for one second; who really rules the world, who really rules each nation, who really rules each city, town or village? It certainly is not some pompous loud-mouthed ‘elected’ official prancing around blabbing the same old tired shit from their pathetic lying lips.

You must obey though, you must conform at all times, for to not do so would mean you are not of the crowd, separate of the majority and someone who actually values the true concept of freedom and its many variables. This is very, very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.



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