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Monday, July 22, 2024
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LONDON - England - The inevitable has happened. The UK General Election 2024 has been a bloodbath, a sea of red for a Labour win.

Yawn, the inevitable has happened and the Labour Party has won the UK General Election 2024 they were set to win many, many months ago as we knew already. If the entire system of government is socialist, it is nigh on impossible to have a true conservative government in a far-left leaning country. Since the late 19th Century, Britain has embraced socialism. Post World War II, the Labour government created the NHS and Britain’s vast welfare system, which has been the basis for socialist Britain ever since. If the entire system is socialist, it is common sense that it is impossible to have a real Conservative Party within that very socialist framework. This is why Britain is inherently a socialist country down to the bone, and the de facto party to rule will always be Labour.

It’s Impossible to Have a True Conservative Government in a Socialist System

The Tory bloodbath at the UK General Election 2024 is a vast change from the 2019 Brexit election win for Boris Johnson with a massive majority. Jacob Rees-Mogg is out, Fabricunt will be tossed from his cheap-looking fake tan parapet, his ridiculous wig torn apart by rabid XL Bully dogs, Mourdant is out, Grant Shapps fucked, Liz Truss loses her former huge majority seat, and Rishi Sunak the socialist bindi boy whose socialist policies killed off the last remnants of the Tory Party keeps his seat but will no longer be the leader of a now desecrated Tory Party.

We already know that Brexit will now be a forgotten memory, however we also know that Brexit never happened anyway.

As the final election results roll in, even more carnage at the polls is evident, as the Tories receive the biggest battering ever witnessed in political history. It is safe to say that the Conservative Party will not recover from this kicking for decades, and even if they eventually win another election, as stated in the first paragraph, because the entire infrastructure of Britain is socialist, it will be impossible for the Tories to ever truly rule with proper right wing policies, simply because the entire machinery of government inherently holds a deep entrenched socialist structure.

Human compassion existed before any political party or ideology, however the socialists found a way to hijack the ideal of ‘compassion’ creating a welfare system that is also a method of ultimate control, keeping generations of people in a cycle of oppression and poverty. The same sort of technique the Christian religion has employed for Millennia as a method of control.

The only real vote yesterday was to spoil the ballot, and the low vote share to acquire Labour’s win exemplifies the profound disgust felt by many disenfranchised voters across the UK.

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