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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Theresa May Enjoys Her Suicide

LONDON - England - The PM, Theresa May committed suicide this morning much to the relief of many parliamentarians and voters across the country.

BREXIT: The Time is Now

LONDON - England - Out of the deathly shadows of the worst PM Britain has ever witnessed, Boris Johnson must step forward in 2019 and deliver the country from the EU with a proper Brexit.

Gift That Keeps Giving: Labour Hoping the Tories Keep May

LONDON - England - By keeping Theresa May, the Tories will lose millions of grassroots voters, and Brexiteers who will never vote Tory again. This is what Labour is hoping for in the next general election.

Worried Number 10 Aides “Theresa May is Turning Yellow”

LONDON - England - Cowardly PM Theresa May has postponed a vote on her BRINO deal purely to stay in power as she damages her party and country.

Theresa May to Conduct Mass Debate on TV

LONDON - England - the PM, Theresa May will have a mass debate live on TV, this Saturday at 9 pm.

Jeremy Corbyn May Be Only Way to Leave EU Properly

LONDON - England - Theresa May's shameful capitulation to the EU with her BRINO deal means many Leave voters will go to Jeremy Corbyn and vote for him.

Barren Witch Threatens to Cancel Brexit and Fracture Conservative Party

LONDON - England - Threatening to bring everyone down with her, including her party, there is a barren witch lurking in Downing Street tonight.

Brexit Betrayal: The Conservative Party is Now Viewed as Sinister, Untrustworthy...

LONDON - England - By betraying millions of Brexit voters, the Conservative party will lose the next election in 2020 when those same voters abandon the party due to its dishonest treachery.

Theresa May’s Chequers BRINO Will Doom UK and Conservative Party

LONDON - England - Theresa May's Chequers BRINO plan will not only doom the UK to be a permanent EU vassal state, but the untrusted Conservative party, will be doomed to thirty years in the unelectable political wilderness.

Hammond Set to Unveil Brexit Punishment Budget On the People

LONDON - England - Instead of punishing voters with heavy taxation, why doesn't the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, use the £39 Billion EU blood money, to pay for the NHS?

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