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Why Unelected Autocrat Rishi Sunak Was Instated into Office

LONDON - England - Here are some reasons why unelected autocrat Rishi Sunak was instated into office.

The Conservative Party has suffered a precipitous drop since winning the last election under Boris Johnson with a huge voter mandate. Since that period, amongst much turmoil, Rishi Sunak was instated into power without any form of election from the nation’s voters, or from Conservative Party grassroots members. Why was the unelected autocrat Rishi Sunak instated into office? Why did this event occur?

The main reason for unelected autocrat Sunak to be installed into power was to eventually prepare the UK for EU re-entry or reintegration. This process would involve a multi-tiered approach orchestrated by the external EU hierarchy and the internal EU agents working within the UK governmental as well as corporate apparatus.

Sunak’s role as a functioning autocrat was to banish and purge all Brexiteers from positions of authority within the Cabinet and Tory Party. He achieved this key goal relatively quickly. What has Sunak done for Brexit since his instatement into power? Nothing, is the answer, which proves the point of his role within the EU reintegration plan.

Labour Wins Election 

Even though the majority of Brexiteers have been purged from positions of power within the party, it still would be hard to begin the planned process of reintegration with the EU under a Tory government even if it is indistinguishable in socialist policy to the Labour Party.

Rishi Sunak and his team are thus being set up to lose the coming General Election to Labour. Jeremy Hunt, a staunch EU operative, has made the economy so bad that people are begging for some sort of change, whatever it is. Working along with the BoE, which is populated entirely by Remainers, as well as the Civil Service and House of Lords, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a key component in the plan for EU reintegration. Most Tories may be conscious of the fact of this process playing out, but most probably they are ignorant or deluding themselves to the reality of the situation.

Once Labour is elected into power via a disenfranchised fed up electorate, the machinations of EU reintegration will begin in earnest from day one. Labour leader Keir Starmer will completely reverse Brexit, and will be allowed to do so because he will have a mandate by election and the EU-centric House of Lords will welcome it with open arms as well as jubilation.

Post Election EU Reintegration Process

The voters voted for Labour, therefore reintegration into the EU will be a bi-product of this action. Starmer and his EU centric team will work day and night, along with help from the likes of Tony Blair, Mandelson and many other arch Remainers to reintegrate the UK fully into the EU Soviet Union.

The process will not be as hard as is thought, simply because a proper Brexit has not actually happened yet in reality. The borders are still open to all and sundry, many EU laws and regulations, especially within the transport system are still in place, and the UK is still paying Brussels billions of pounds per year. British immigration law is still ruled by the ECHR, which dictates who or what can leave or enter the British Isles. In essence, only a few adjustments would need to be made for the UK to be sucked back fully into the EU black hole as its main cash cow.

Once the UK is fully reintegrated into the EU, the process of full integration will take place. The UK will be forced to ditch the pound sterling, and all borders will be fully opened as the UK will completely embrace the Schengen Zone. Furthermore, all supposed post-Brexit international trade deals will either be integrated into EU trade policy or dumped.

Having lost the fight, Great Britain will be just another zone in the EU, ruled by an unelected EU Commission and its remaining sovereignty and wealth stripped completely by the EU vultures. King Charles III, is himself aligned with the EU somewhat, and is pre-empting EU reintegration by downsizing the royal family already.

Societally, the UK will see another vast increase in migration from the poorest EU nations, and it is guaranteed as a thank you to Labour, that they will vote Labour in every coming election in their millions. Thanks to the immigration of ready-made Labour voters, the Conservative Party will be an irrelevance for decades to come and may probably never be voted in again.



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