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It’s a Great Brexit, Innit? UK Ruled by EURO 6 ULEZ Standards and ECHR

LONDON - England - Brexit means: No border control, punishing ULEZ - Euro 6 diktats, EU laws, EU control over the internet.

You may moan about the £12.50 ULEZ charges brought in by the crafty shister Labour mayor which will bankrupt many people and cause possible civil unrest, but first look at the source of this travesty. Yes, it’s the fucking EU, an evil soviet collectivist construct borne from the puckered anus of Soviet East Germany. The EU really took off just after the Berlin Wall fell and all the Stasi officers were recruited as EU officials. Frau Merkel, was one of the many. Brexit is only a word, staunchly under the yoke of the EU which ultimately dictates what the UK can and cannot do.

What about UK’s borders? Fishy Rishi hands over millions to Macron, so he can spend it on anything he wants, other than stopping the boats full of illegal economic migrants coming to the UK to be put up in a 4-star hotel and pampered. The UK is thus still ruled by the ECHR, and has absolutely no power to even protect its own borders. Brexit never really happened because we are effectively still controlled and dictated to by unelected bodies from the EU Soviet Politburo — the EU Commission.

Ask a European citizen to even name one member of the EU Commission, and many will not know. This is the secretive communist power of the EU, which dictates its tin-pot Stasi rules to all the poor fuckers who are living blind, unquestioning lives under the EU. It is truly a sad thing to see the previously wonderful countries of Europe now tied down to collectivist, protectionist racketeers making trillions off their serfs. Feudalism, it seems, is making a come-back.

Expect your plumber, tradesman or whatever to now add on £12.50 to every job per day. If you have a six-week building job, the extra ULEZ £12.50 per day will certainly add a hefty amount onto the price. The same goes for all commodities delivered to shops.

But that’s not all, the EU Euro 6 Standard is also a precursor to the planned pay-per-mile scheme which was first proposed by the EU and is now going to be implemented across the UK once the ULEZ cameras are all installed. By using a ruse for ‘cleaner air’ the spy cameras will track all vehicles, including electric. If you think you have it easy with an electric vehicle, you are wrong because you will be charged per mile as well.

There was never a Brexit, and it will only get worse when Labour wins the election. Not only will they go on a profligate spending spree, bankrupting Britain further, but they will pretty much increase the EU’s octopus grip over this cash cow country. That’s what the UK was to the EU — a big fat, juicy cash cow.

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