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Calculating Theresa May Plans to Win Over MPs By Crying

CHEQUERS - England - Theresa May is planning on winning over MPs for her third vote on her bad deal by crying in the House of Commons.

Brexit Direct Action: Motorists Urged to Fill Petrol Tanks Now

LONDON - England - Motorists are urged to fill their tanks now. Peaceful Brexit Direct Action protests will in the next few days be blocking many roads and motorways. This action is the direct result of Theresa May's undemocratic blockage of UK's exit from the EU on March 29.

Constitutional Experts: Why UK Parliament is Dumping Democracy to Align Itself...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The rejection of democracy in Britain by denigrating the vote of 17.4 million voters who voted to leave the EU, is a sign that democracy is being rejected by the UK parliament as it aligns with the EU and its soviet ideology.

Snake Gove Getting Ready to Pounce

LONDON - England - Can you hear that hissing sound coming from the grass? It's a snake, Michael Gove to be precise, waiting for the right time to strike.

Brexit Flextension Will Be Extended Forevextension in Permaextension Brexitstension

BRUSSELS -Belgium - Kicking the can down the road with a flextension is the last indignity foisted on Leave voters as their vote is suppressed once again by Theresa May and her ultimate failure.

Political Exhaustion Does Not Mean MPs Should Accept May’s Bad Deal

LONDON - England - Theresa May is seeking to extend Brexit to present her horrid capitulation deal to MPs for a third time. It is imperative that the bad deal is not voted for again.

Please Someone or Something Stop This Theresa May Fiasco

LONDON - England - Enough is enough, even the Tory hierarchy who have been keeping this loser in place have to see the light, Theresa May has to go.

Brexit Direct Action – Trucks to Blockade All Major UK Motorways

UK - Brexit Direct Action is a group that plans to blockade all major motorway routes across the country if Article 50 exit on March 29 is delayed and Brexit effectively cancelled.

BREXIT BLOCKED: Maybe It’s Time For Britons to Get Their Yellow...

LONDON - England - Britain's yellow vest movement is set to rise after Brexit has been thwarted in parliament by rogue MPs in league with Brussels.

Better to Not Have Brexit Than May’s Indefinite Backstop Deal

LONDON - England - The delayed Brexit proceedings thwarted at every turn by Remoaners belies a corruption deep in the British system that shows democracy died many years ago, in line with EU policy.

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