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Secret Labour Plan to Join the Euro Currency Revealed

LONDON - England - Party insiders have revealed a secret Labour plan to join the Euro currency and ditch the Pound Sterling.

Incoming Labour PM Keir Starmer is a slippery and slimy individual, more-so than even Rishi Sunak of the Conservatives. Brussels demands to restore the free movement of people in exchange for closer ties with the EU, and include a secret Labour plan to join the euro currency, ditching the pound sterling.

Reopen Britain’s Brexit deal

Sir Keir said he wants to reopen Britain’s Brexit deal with the European Union within a year of his premiership and begin negotiations to dump the Great British Pound for the Euro currency.

Labour HQ denizens have revealed that the Brexit deal in its current state is not functioning properly because there is no free movement of EU citizens into the UK. Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson in conjunction with the SNP were the masterminds of the original plan, which Keir Starmer will implement into action.

Complicated EU treaties

Going one step further to full integration will be suddenly foisted on the UK and is planned to be carried out in small steps so that the public will not realise what is happening, and it will be too late to object. The plan is to shroud the process in a series of complicated EU treaties that are very hard to understand for the layman, and this is how they will reverse the little part of Brexit that exists.

“Labour’s majority in parliament, as well as 95% of peers in the House of Lords being affiliated to Labour, means that they have full control of any policy going through parliament and can okay anything they want. Essentially, Labour will have carte blanche to do whatever they want. Dump the Great British Pound, okay EU free movement into the UK, whatever,” a parliamentary observer revealed on Thursday.

The complete destruction of Britain and its sovereignty begins in earnest…

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