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Why Disney Needs to Continue Making Projects Like “The Acolyte”

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Amongst the outrage over "The Acolyte" Star Wars fans are taking the wrong approach. Read about our plan for Disney.


Star Wars fans, and film critics, have recently been raging about the latest preachy woke presentation full of shit production called “The Acolyte”. Yes, it was produced, written and directed by the usual suspects who have been ruining Star Wars for decades and are impoverishing Disney year after year with failure after failure. They spent $200 million, not including the marketing budget of an estimated $180 million, fashioning this turd over a four-year period. Disney needs to continue making woke turds like “The Acolyte” so that it eventually goes bankrupt. Continue spewing out preachy vomit chunks series after series until nothing is left. Let them do it. Cheer them on.

The problem here is, all power to Disney. If they want to ruin Star Wars and bankrupt their woke Marxist infiltrated company, let them do it. They are obviously completely blind to what they are doing, do not care about Star Wars fans or viewers, do not care about making a profit and are completely indoctrinated by identity politics pushing a Negroid LGBTQP+ agenda that is frankly disturbing.

Don’t react to them, they love your negative reaction

Don’t be outraged by The Acolyte, because this is what they want. Disney and the vile Marxists who have infiltrated the company are actually empowered by the reaction of Star Wars fans, who are predominantly male. This is affirmation to them. Kathleen Kennedy and her acolytes probably congregate in a cave somewhere wearing cloaks and sing lesbian witch songs about the “power of the many” in true collectivist style to celebrate killing off the franchise.

The key to all of this dear Star Wars fans is that you have to ignore it all. You must acknowledge the fact the original force of Star Wars is now long forgotten, it went to sleep when the idiot George Lucas stupidly sold the rights to Disney and gave Bob Iger/Kathleen Kennedy the reins.

Rotten Tomatoes gives The Acolyte a 14% audience score. This is a good thing, it shows that many people are ignoring it and actually waking up to the nonsense. This is a step in the right direction. If you want to sate your Star Wars appetite, you must now only look backwards to the pre-Disney days. Yes, this will limit you somewhat, but at least it will be Star Wars and not something else.


The putrid criminals who have violated and vandalised the franchise have forgotten about Star Wars, their sole agenda is to push a narrative of extreme feminist supremacy, LGBTQP, communism, racial hatred towards what they see as toxic white males. Plot lines, acting, yadda yadda yadda are all non concerns for the invading parasites who took over Star Wars.

You see, wokism is not able to create anything new, it is like a parasite that burrows into a previously established thing and eventually kills it. They tried it with Cleopatra, they have been succeeding with Star Wars. They successfully killed off Indiana Jones.

Boycott is the only way — ignore it

Just forget anything new with the Star Wars name on it, because it is not Star Wars any more, it is something completely subverted, perverted and turned into a slithering smelly shit stain on the arse crack of the universe.

Boycott all new Disney productions, including Star Wars. Do not watch them, do not react to them, and do not even acknowledge their existence, because the producers of these serials and films certainly do not acknowledge your existence. In fact, they hate you, and yet you give them your money. No, do not pay a cent or a penny to them. No more…and it has to stick. It is a great hope that one day the blind wokists in Disney will lose all their money and purchasing power.

Remember, the Force is real, and it’s in the original Star Wars films and fans — not in any of the preachy toxic woke Disney gonorrhoea-ridden puss being ejected from Kathleen Kennedy’s puckered anus of inequity.

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