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Defiling History: Hollywood Blackwashes Macedonian Cleopatra as Sub-Saharan African

ALEXANDRIA - Egypt - A Netflix docudrama series that depicts Queen Cleopatra VII as a Sub-Saharan African has sparked controversy amongst historians and scholars.

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Because sub-Saharan Africans never really invented anything of note, or have much of a history, it is necessary according to Jada Pinky Smith to rewrite history and defile the historical fact that Cleopatra was a Macedonian Greek, and make all ancient Egyptians sub-Saharan blacks. Yes, we have another blatantly racist Netflix monstrosity that is blackwashing entire swathes of history with their new Cleopatra depiction.

Egyptian scholars are naturally up in arms at having their entire history thrown into the gutter of Hollywood lies, and are now suing Netflix.

cleopatra roman era
Cleopatra sculpture and painting from Roman era.

As for the Macedonians and Greeks, they are now black people according to Netflix, as are ancient Egyptians. All historians and scholars know that Sub-Saharan Africans were only used as slaves by ancient Egyptians and nothing more.

Zahi Hawass, a prominent Egyptologist and former antiquities minister, told the al-Masry al-Youm newspaper: “This is completely fake. Cleopatra was Greek, meaning that she was light-skinned, not black.”

On Sunday, lawyer Mahmoud al-Semary filed a complaint with the public prosecutor demanding that he take “the necessary legal measures” and block access to Netflix’s services in Egypt.

He revealed that the series included visual material and content that violated Egypt’s media laws and accused Netflix of trying to “promote the Afrocentric thinking… which includes slogans and writings aimed at distorting and erasing the Egyptian identity”

In reality, it does not matter what skin colour Cleopatra had, the main contention here should be the rewriting of history for propaganda and ideological reasons. In this case, militant racist black people have infiltrated the film industry and are trying to Africanise everything they see by defiling actual history.

What’s next for Netflix, Henry VIII depicted as a sub-Saharan African chieftain, or how about George Washington as a Chinese man who only speaks Mandarin but cooks a mean chow mein?

Naturally, Netflix has had to dump the comments section on the fucked up film’s YouTube trailer page, and the dislikes are so numerous that they have masked those as well.

Do not watch this shit, and cancel your subscription to Netflix. This is the only way these people will ever learn. If you have one fucking miniscule ounce of principle in your body, you will dump Netflix right now, because this is a form of history deletion. Defiling our human history is a serious crime, because lies in historical terms harm humanity as a whole.

Netflix, and the blatantly racist simpletons who created the Cleopatra film are a disgrace to human history and these uneducated illiterate African American supremacists should be treated with the utmost contempt that they fully deserve. NETFLIX CLEOPATRA DOCUMENTARY BULLSHIT RATING — OFF THE SCALE

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  1. Cleopatra was Macedonian Greek. These morons insult and are thieves to ancient greek and Egyptian history. I am v. angry they try to steal our history. THIEF!

  2. Клеопатра била Македонка. Овој документарец на Нетфликс е срамота.

    Ќе откажам и им кажав на сите мои пријатели да откажат.

    Треба да направиме кампања за уништување на оваа компанија

  3. Black Lives Mater u all wutch da program Cleo-Patra wuz black as ebony. Africans ruld Egipt juss wutch da docmentary if u don unesrtand imma cum yo hause niggaz n splane dat 2 u. Sho u can aks me a questin imma ansa wit a gat pointat ur hed cracka

    • Maybe first learn how to read and write before attempting to make a point. Is this the level of education there is in America? I guess you are American. Very sad.

  4. Most black people have never read a book. I doubt Jada Pinkett Smith even knows what history is. Pinkett Smith is just another ignorant spook with a huge chip on a shoulder..

  5. I just cancelled my Netflix subscription. This Cleopatra crime is a last resort for me. Netflix is spreading disinformation and murdering history. I do not care about color of skin but I care about watching accurate documentaries and not fiction just to appease African supremacist racists.

    • Great!!! I cancelled today as well. It took me ages to figure out how to do it but finally found where to end subscription.

      Once you’ve logged in to your account on Netflix’s website, you’ll want to select the icon in the top-right corner that shows all of the users. When that menu opens, click the “Account” button to get to your account’s membership menu.

      Netflix Account Management

      You will now see your account information. Underneath the “Membership & Billing” heading, select the “Cancel Membership” option.

      Netflix Cancel Membership

      This will take you to the area where you’ll want to confirm your account cancellation. Select the “Finish Cancellation” button to completely cancel your Netflix membership.

      Netflix Finish Cancellation

      After that, you’ll only have access to the streaming service until the next billing period comes up.

      How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription From T-Mobile
      If you have access to Netflix through T-Mobile, you’ll have to go to the carrier’s website to complete the cancellation. Once logged in to your T-Mobile account, you’ll want to select “Manage Add-Ons” under the “I Want To” section.

      T-Mobile Netflix Add-Ons

      When you get to the add-ons page, scroll down to the “Services” section. There will be two Netflix subscriptions that you can access through the service. Unselect the checkmark by the one that you are enrolled in.

      T-Mobile Remove Netflix

      A message will pop up letting you know that you will no longer have access to your Netflix account if you remove it. Click the “Continue Removal” button to remove the payment to Netflix through T-Mobile.

      T-Mobile Netflix Cancelation

      Once you’re done, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Continue” to remove Netflix.

      T-Mobile Netflix Cancellation confirmation

      You will no longer be paying for Netflix through T-Mobile. You will retain access to the service for the remainder of your billing period.

  6. Cleopatra was Jamaican. Born in Trench Town – smoked da ganja. Bumbaclot! Irie!!!! Waa gwaan daadi? Sorry fi mawga dawg, him tun roun bite yuh…Weh yah deal wid?

  7. Lissen up here playboi imma ejucate u inda rools 4 playas!!! U white mutherfuckaz aint shit to me or my brothas n sistas u aint shit u hear dat? Cleopatra wauz black she wuz a nubian prancess u hear dat? We taken ovah u see we da truth dat matter we keepin it real u see. White ppl u had ur time it gone now we takin ovah da world. We mede ur History bitchz without Africa u be nuttin & u aint nuttin now u pale white koolaid drinkin inbred 6 toed honky azz likkers?!?!?

  8. I think it is not only a sign of deep ignorance by these people who did this but there is an element of self-hatred as well. They hate their own skin colour so much that they have to go and sh#t on other people’s history.


  9. Hi thank you for this great piece. I cancelled my Netflix a long time ago when they signed up Meghan and Harry for their nonsense. All I do now is go to any putlockers or 123movies site to watch any Netflix show that I like. Just do a quick search and do some digging and you will find these sites.

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