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Burisma? Joe and Hunter Biden Deny Everything

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe and Hunter Biden deny everything about new Burisma accusations regarding bribes for large sums of money.

“We don’t know what Burisma is, or where Ukraine is. Hang on, is Ukraine a country? We never took money from that gas company for getting a prosecutor who we never heard of fired. We are not living in mansions paid for by those bribes we never received. When I was a mere senator, I somehow acquired 5-10 massive mansions across the country on my paltry government salary. Joe and Hunter Biden do not or have ever existed, plus we did nothing wrong. I do not exist and have never existed in this time and space,” Joe Biden told reporters from one of his massive mansions.

As for Hunter Biden, he has no recollection of Burisma or Ukraine either.

“I was on crack cocaine, and stuck deep in the cracks of those underage prostitutes trafficked in from Eastern Europe, which I also do not know anything about. I have no recollection of someone called the Big Guy who I gave 20% to in my notes which I never made but were found in my lost laptop. I know nothing of Burisma and have never travelled to Ukraine. Is that a place in New Jersey? I have no knowledge of anything or have ever done anything in my life. The FBI, CIA and all government departments that are now fully under the control of the Democrat Party can back me up. I am not here, I do not exist.”

Suppression of the truth at all costs

Nothing to see here, Joe and Hunter Biden never saw or did anything like that stuff. It will all be covered up by the respective Democrat Party State departments, social media Big Tech and weaponised agencies.

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