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Woke Producer Kathleen Kennedy Transitioning to be a Man

LOS ANGELES - USA - Kathleen Kennedy the Hollywood producer has announced she is transitioning to be a man.

After ruining many film franchises with her woke anti-male bias, Hollywood producer Kathleen Kennedy has decided that she will be transitioning to be a man.

Speaking on CBS News, the woke producer told viewers that the time had finally come to disclose who she really was.

“I have been producing woke films that denigrate men and show the superiority of women. I want to go one up on this by today disclosing that I am transitioning to be a man, because this will make me better than men and women. We all know women are superior to men in every way, but being a man will truly make me superior to all men, for sure.”

When asked about the transition period, Kennedy revealed that she is shopping around at the moment for a prosthetic penis, and wants one big enough to mirror her position as a superior being.

“My husband has a tiny one, so I’m following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, or should I call her Michael. Apparently, Barack has a tiny weiner and Michael is huge. Joan Rivers told me all about it. I’m still shopping around, though, want a massive swinger that I can shove up the hubby’s ass to show him who the real man of the house is.”

The surgery involved to transition from female to male can be a bit irksome, but thankfully is not as invasive as transitioning to be male from female.

Doctor Lewis Teattese, of the Beverly Hills Trans Clinic, revealed that Kathleen Kennedy was indeed in his books and was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday.


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